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An MP from my province of Ontario let it out yesterday that although he does not believe in evolution it will not interfere with his service to his constituents and his province. This is in line with the Canadian tradition of de-emphasizing one’s religious views when active in the political sphere. Unlike America, no-one here gets elected by waving the bible. While Americans are passionate about their beliefs, or their lack of them, Canadians are more circumspect, so when these issues raise their heads we’d rather ignore them than fight about them. Those are national characteristics, well observed by commentators and nothing particularly new.

And while the public discussion expands over this MP’s statement and whether members of parliament should be allowed to thus indulge, my thoughts turned to what I might call the esoteric understanding of evolution, rather than the Darwinian model so beloved by our scientific brethren and their adherents sprinkled throughout society, and its fundamentalist deniers who allow the bible to direct their thinking and shape their lives.

The esoteric nature of the ancient wisdom, of which I am a modern exponent, one of the latest in a long line of secret or semi-secret brotherhoods, societies and mystery schools, teaches that the soul evolves through the varying experiences, sufferings and challenges that make up the journey of many incarnations, until it is satiated with the immense variety available and becomes what we might call a completed being ready to graduate from the ‘earth life system’. This evolution goes hand in hand with that of the body as it adapts to ever changing conditions, challenges and predators. As the body mutates to make a better life for itself and its offspring, so too does the soul in its distribution of qualities for each incarnation. That heaping helping of pride and willpower may be very useful in one life but detrimental in another, depending on which goals are set to achieve. Humility and deference also have their place. As do low mental functioning and addictive behavior patterns. The village idiot and the alcoholic are not without their uses, both for themselves and their societies.

One does not have to be a social anthropologist or a political scientist to see that societies also evolve through various stages to reach their apex of achievement before decline sets in, bringing inner collapse and invaders eager to assume a new dominance. Empires and corporations also follow recognizable patterns of growth and decay. Whether these entities learn from the mistakes of their counterparts is a hotly debated issue: you certainly don’t have to go very far to hear opinions on whether the American Empire has learned anything at all from its British forebear. Comparisons between the Hudson’s Bay Company and Amazon have yet to be made, but I can see them coming down the line.

Do nations have a spiritual counterpart or indwelling essence as do individuals? Yes, and they often take the form of Devas/Angels who live to irradiate and inspire their ethnic teams. At a lower level they take the form of folksouls, who tend to absorb the vibrations of pride, fear and ambition given out by the citizenry and pumped up by wily politicians fiddling with the levels of national fervour while funding their gold plated retirements in exile. Folksouls compete for dominance, just as the political entities they embody, Pakistan and India and Israel and Palestine being two obvious examples. The angels and archangels who oversee national destinies operate with the bigger picture in mind: the synthesis of opposites to produce a higher harmony between nations and ethnicities, leading to a unification of cultures across the planet, where all are equal and loved for what they are is more in their purview.

All forms of mineral, vegetable and animal life have their group souls, their devas, directing them in a general fashion. In recent times it has become the fashion to telepath with them. On August 7, 1963, Dorothy Maclean, then a resident in the Findhorn community in north Scotland heard the following from the Tomato Deva: “Each plane has a pattern which it follows. While circumstances, weather conditions, food, availability, etc. may alter that pattern, we bring about its manifestation according to its design and the materials available. It is not our work to initiate a change of pattern or evolve new ones. Eagerly we follow our plan of perfection, but we cannot reach down and control the material plane. That is the work of man. We simply use conditions to bring about evolution. But man is capable of changing these conditions.”

Sometime in the 1980’s the mystic V. Van Dam, then resident in Cornwall, received the following information from some Devas (Angels) for his book Starcraft:  under the heading Creating The Perfect Environment, “…If it were possible for us as Devas, and by this we mean predominantly our greater relatives, ie Cosmic Devas, to make a perfect universe, what ever that might be considered to be – then we would undoubtedly do it.  Yet each universe, each galaxy, each star and each world is an experiment.  It might be planned to a high degree on the Cosmic Planes, yet when precipitated it often deviates from this plan, and then we have to deal with what we have effectively created.  Nevertheless, having said this, our intent is to create perfect worlds and a perfect universe, – at all levels, if possible.  Whenever we fail in doing this we also learn something, and next time we do that much better.  What you must remember is that we are evolving too; we are neither static, not are we perfect, there is perhaps no such thing as perfection anyway.  We manifest nature, and within our range of power we make sure that the various so-called laws of nature are as exact as they can be – and this on different levels.

“However we can see better ways of manifesting things as we progress, and for instance we can safely say that we are working on improving not only the conditions on your world, but also the actual human mold and its multi-leveled energy structures.  In about 500 years from now we will start to manifest this improvement, or at least by then it will start to become apparent, for we are already manifesting this new prototype in effect, it is just that it takes time for physical evolution to catch up with our inner thoughts and designs!  This new human prototype will be more androgynous, although a measure of female and male polarity will still exist.”

When I speak of the bigger picture of evolution, not limited to Darwinism and its noisy detractors, where all soul-embraced life forms and social and political organisms evolve into greater and greater states of inner harmony and utility, this is the territory I am asking you to inhabit.