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In the midst of all the brouhaha over Netanyahu’s electioneering stunt at the US Congress and Obama’s almost off-the-cuff rebuttal of his drama queen rhetoric, most of which will be as forgotten as the Ebola crisis of a few news cycles back by next week, it amuses me to recall a number of salient details.

If America and the other interested parties do not negotiate a treaty catering to Israeli interests, they can always (a) create and apply another “stuxnet” type virus to screw up the Iranian centrifuges, or (b) have the Mossad assassinate several more of their scientists, or (c) just bomb the facility into uselessness.  All three options have been successfully utilized before, without much blowback, unless you’re including some hearty slaps on the back, and I see no reason why they couldn’t get away with it again.  Someone might fund Hezbollah to retaliate in some heretofore unsuspected elsewhere and the callous destruction of innocents will again spark tears and outrage for a news cycle or two.  And unless some lefty peacenik coalition gains control in two weeks, I don’t see public shaming having much effect either.  The flood of righteousness that fills the geopolitical spectrum taints all the major and minor players, no more Israel than anyone else.  It seems to be the modern condition, a poisonous zeitgeist going more viral with every tweet, the variations being “We’re right”, “We’re divinely right and they’re satanically wrong” and “Come and join our divine righteousness and rid the world of those evil others”.  The rest of us stand to the side, shake our heads sadly, and get on with the next thing that has to be done: fixing that frozen pipe, driving the kids to karate, revising that damn report.

But what intrigues me more than all the above is the fact, largely unregarded outside the UFO community and those echelons of the intelligence world whose clearance allows them a peek, that alien craft have been showing a distinct interest in our nuclear bombers and missile sites since the 40’s  You will know, of course, that Roswell was the only base with nuclear equipped bombers in ’47.  Of course you do.  They were not disabled, not as far as we know.  But missile sites in the mid-sixties were.  More than once, more than twice.  And in Russia too, as we discovered after Glasnost.  This knowledge was leaked out at least by the late seventies/early eighties, when more than one UFO book included interviews with some base staff, each of whom insisted on anonymity.  I know because the book came into my local library. I believed it was authored by Hans Holzer, but the years have taken their toll and I cannot be sure.

Their m.o. seemed to be a sudden appearance, high in the sky, noticed by perimeter guards, followed by an almost miraculous shutdown of all electrical systems, including the triggering mechanisms, for a period of time ranging from minutes to hours.  Then things would return to normal and they would either speed off or disappear, sometimes with fighters in hot pursuit.  In more recent times, the last ten years or so, we have been inundated with video interviews with various high ranking personnel, giving their name and rank as a matter of course, testifying to such events amongst the bewildering variety of whistleblower testimonies, easily available on Youtube as “The Disclosure Project” and as part of “Project Camelot”.

Now while the early interruptions could easily be seen as a warning during the high risk cold war decades, later ones can only be seen as a tip of the hat:  ‘We’re watching you and we’re watching them, and no-one will be allowed to fire’.  Their exact motive can only be surmised.  They’re not attacking, they’re forcefully keeping the peace, a level of peace amidst squabbling tribes, a level that permits the ongoing evolution of lifeforms on Gaia, regardless of who gets tsunamied, plagued or assassinated in the interim.  It’s that bigger picture again.  We can bruise ourselves all we want, but we cannot permanently bruise the planet.

So there’s the open secret the armaments industry, defense contractors and sabre rattling leaders would rather you did not know:  the aliens can, and have,  disabled missile sites anywhere, anytime.  And their point has been duly noted:  None of that shit’s ever gonna work.  Besides, there’s much more advanced stuff that can rearrange the molecular structure of any object and its occupants so that essentially it is disappeared, physically gone forever.  But since hardly anyone has one let’s just keep it in the dark of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, where internet mythmakers and their deniers can have a field day.

Exactly how many of our geopolitical elite know of this is unclear.  As the investigations of Steven Greer illustrate, only those with ‘a need to know’ get to see, and that group is as often made up of those with specialized training as those with high command.  And not all those with sufficiently high clearance are members of the secret government running the show behind the scenes, some are mere contracted operatives with benefits and pensions, good at their job.  Back engineering alien craft, test flighting them, or doing regular rotations to the Mars base does not mean you have input on policy and procedures, or access to black budgets or invites to address the Council on Foreign Relations.

That countries such as Brazil, Italy, France and Belgium have shown more honesty in revealing their files suggests that they are not in on the big secrets and have little to lose, whereas America and Britain, in their blanket denials, suggest they have much to hide.  It would seem that only a very select group, maybe American, maybe transnational, sits at that table, occasionally enjoying interaction with entities from elsewhere, as they try to figure out that free energy future we all sense is waiting behind the curtain, and how to unveil it in a fashion that does not disrupt the world economy and cut into their oh-so-precious profit margins.  They know, in their heart of hearts, that we can take the truth, but they retain an ancient need to parcel it out parsimoniously so that the children don’t make themselves sick on the cake.

As a soul who recalls being in aristocratically high positions in past lives I can recall just how pressured that crown metaphor feels, but as one who has renounced that particular pride for the life of an ordinary Joe, I know that they can too.  How many bedrooms can you sleep in?  How many mistresses can you satisfy?  How many egos can dance on the head of a pin?