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I have commented previously on the mainstream media being one of the carriers of the virus known to us as skeptical materialism and all the baggage that comes with it, – the blind adherence to rationalism and scientism as the major, if not only, cure-alls for whatever ails society.  The journalists who populate that subculture have inherited, either consciously or otherwise, the basic tenets of the belief system, and reflect them in the assumptions behind their reporting and arguments.

Today, in the Guardian Weekly, a journal I consult regularly for its insights into world affairs, I encountered an editorial on the court case they’ve been pursuing over Prince Charles and his long line of letters to various government officials, which has finally been decided in their favour by Britain’s Supreme Court, and the contents of the “black spider memos” have now to be published, although it looks like the government might perform some last ditch redacting before they see the light of day.

During its triumphant summation, the Guardian’s editorial scribe characterized their publication as a “newspaper of principled republicanism” and outlined the proper way for heads of state to express their opinions, suggesting that “a provocative speech for a good cause might be allowed, but a missive on the quiet never could”. Later this appears: “Not any longer to allow the job to be filled by accident of birth, but instead to select for the post by democratic means”.

Any followers of this blog will know that as far as esoteric understanding of our incarnational histories go, there is no such thing as an “accident of birth”. Even if plans go wildly awry, as they often do in the turbulence of the conflicting desires and ambitions that are the building blocks of our characters and hard-won wisdom, the birth into family, society and epoch is planned, sometimes carefully, sometimes rushed, by individual souls and their comrades and guides. There are now literally thousands of past life regressees who have experienced such planning sessions. Of course there will have to be thousands more, some of them on tv and film, before such understanding is accepted on anything like a mass level, never mind mainstream media.

That Prince Charles can be seen as a reincarnation of an earlier figurehead of royal birth, trying to make right the wrongs of previous arrogance and misunderstandings, is no surprise to me, and perhaps not to you, but it’s certainly not a part of the Anglican theology he will one day be titular head of, and even if he has perused the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism in order to better serve the Commonwealth citizens shortly to be his public concern, he would never accede in public to the tenets of their worldview. The fate of his former wife and her flirtatious affiliation with the Muslim faith are not to be easily forgotten.

And to refine that point, let me add that over and above this rebirth of persona, which of course is only partial, in essence he is a part of a soul group embraced by a Monad (Higher Self), several of which are repeat offenders of the aristocratic type, who long to serve their nations but all too often wind up serving themselves. That’s why they keep coming back, just like the rest of us juggling our issues, they’re trying to get it right this time.

And when I say the rest of us, I’m talking journalists too. They want to synthesize the chaos and maddening complexities of each day as it unfolds and serve it to us
as easily analyzable and smoothly digestible. An impossible task of course, but they keep trying, despite the blinkers imposed by their system.

Those blinkers that each belief system retains inalienable rights to, as they direct their adherents to the lifestyles and goals inherent in their illusions.  Those blinkers that beseech us to blindly obey, endlessly shop, serve with honour, compete for prizes, lust for status, worship deities, kill on demand, fear the other and subscribe to the big lie.

Those of us who have removed the blinkers to enjoy that wide screen, all-inclusive view have opted out of the game and ultimately are left to observe, bemusedly, compassionately, as the children race about the yard squealing, tripping, falling and getting up again.