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This morning, while driving my morning shift, I heard a cbc radio host refer to Jon Stewart’s previous night’s editorializing on the church shooting in South Carolina as Jon Stewart’s despair.  In the moment or two that was replayed, Jon spoke of  America’s two long foreign wars and its current extended campaign of drone strikes, all to protect its populace from attack, while the madness of domestic gun violence continues unabated against perceived minorities and ethnicities, killing more than any band of terrorists.

I was touched by the impassioned sincerity of his delivery, as I have been in the past when he refrains from his trademark humorous denunciations of the craven stupidity of politicians and other public figures.  That underneath the comedian lies a passionately caring citizen of his troubled country and a would-be orchestrator of a planet more attuned to mutual respect and individual dignity is as obvious to his large and appreciative audience as it is to me.

But as to his ‘despair’, as pointed out by the cbc commentator, – that, as an individual at least partially enlightened on this mysterious journey to full disclosure of the secrets we keep from ourselves as we pick our way through the many tempting illusions thrown up by the isolated ego, family and society, that I cannot, in all honesty, share.

As we break through the bonds of trauma and tragedy that temporary physicality and apparent mortality bring in their wake, we gradually lose the attachment to the passions and emotions generated by their inherent energetics.  Our contacts with Spirit and the various passed-on spirits of our acquaintance remodel our consciousness bit by doubting bit, until most, or all, of our anxieties and despairs and dissolved in the light of understanding.

We come to see that almost all of the turbulence and destructive activity in life is entered upon willingly by souls who agree to undergo specific situations in order to further interact with other souls, families and societies with who they are karmically linked, and that much of what unfolds for each person is planned, with varying degrees of care, before physical birth.  That there are wild cards and unforeseen circumstances is a given, as the free will of all sentient beings is the one fundamental law of the universe, and that free will includes the ability to tear up any agreements and contracts forged in spirit,  but we come to see that even those ‘accidents’ and ‘coincidences’ have their long term uses, either later in life, or later in other lives.  The tapestry of history is even more complex and subtle than the most intelligent and perceptive of historians would have us believe, and leaves plenty of room for spontaneous innovation.

If the previous seem no more than suggestive glimpses from a self-validating mystic, then I would suggest further reading in the past life and between life literature, which by this point, at least in English, abounds in such information.  Literally thousands of participants now recall making plans before birth, plans that they knew would trouble and traumatize their incarnate selves into the kind of remedial action that comfortable egos baulk at.  They know that the growth of the soul is achieved though a potent blend of challenge, suffering, recreation and joy, and that denying any one of those categories of experience, through timidity or laziness only stunts that potential, sometimes for several lives if the ruts become deep enough.


The challenge, for us one-eyed men in the kingdom, then becomes living harmoniously with the blinkered and blind, who rail at injustice, scream at suffering, and douse themselves in appropriate despair.  We do our best, we mind our business, we act tactfully.  Mr. Stewart’s despair, which I understand but do not share, was very nicely balanced for me just this morning, June20th., by the newspaper reports of the victim’s relatives showing up at the perpetrator’s court appearance with statements of mercy and forgiveness.  Turning anger and vengeance based on ignorance into acceptance and forgiveness based on faith, is  a partial but necessary step towards the goal of understanding based on real knowledge, and in the face of all the recent anger and rioting at racially motivated violence, it is a refreshing and welcomed turn for the better.  Perhaps it was even planned that way?

Souls do indeed get together while asleep at night, making plans for the morrow or the next month.  I, and others, know this from personal experience, and many others from the literature on lucid dreaming and astral projection.  But I am not so old or wise that I cannot recall my own amazement at such insights being given in the works of Jane Roberts in the voice of Seth in the 1970’s, The Individual And The Nature Of Mass Events being a turning point for many of us.

As we watch, often in repulsion and horror, at the tumultuous events of mindless and appallingly cruel violence unfolding around the world, we know that various individuals and groups are not only settling their scores from centuries and millennia past but setting up futures where tolerance, equality, respect and justice are givens not ideals, and we also know, those of us the new age community, diverse as it is, that many individuals have had dreams, projections and meditations, where their own future incarnations are dedicated to assisting in the various struggles for equality and equal opportunity in those third world countries where such is no more than a wish fulfillment fantasy now.  Certainly as a practitioner, with many clients and students reporting such experiences over the years, I can personally attest to their abundance.

This, of course, amidst many other reports of moving in and out of the light body, being abducted by aliens, meeting up with angels, orbs, fairies and assorted dead folk, finding themselves suddenly at home on Arcturus or Sirius, helping build that third dimensional Earth for those that can’t handle the ascension, or getting their membership card for the galactic federation and telling me just how to go about getting mine.

Indeed, life goes on with its usual relentless exfoliation: weeds, now that it’s spring, looking ever so pretty and choking up the flower beds, and Jon Stewart’s despair spilling around the planet via the internet.