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This is not the first time I have noticed a product of popular culture reflecting the deep, mysterious and esoteric nature of our existence as sentient beings navigating our lives on the planet. And I’m sure it will not be the last. But I do feel prompted to make connections and slot in some more pieces into the big jigsaw.

My work as a psychic medium and general, all round facilitator of the many avenues of spiritual growth enables repeated access to the sundry levels of the dimensional enigma surrounding us. Each of those is a penetration of one or other neighbourhood of the mystery. For those who apply to accompany ‘me’, as a client or student, to the level of earthbound ghosts, or the summerland of the happy dead, religious dead or pleasure seeking dead, spirit guides and teachers, or angels, archangels and ascended masters, the trip can be disappointing, thrilling, daunting, shocking, revelatory.

The mystery is manifold and each area tends its own secrets. Or at lest situations that appear to be secrets until they are penetrated, whereupon they open as readily as a flower to the sun.

The extended whodunit “The Killing” (originally Danish, now American) takes its time to unravel what initially appears to be a fairly standard murder of a teenage girl carelessly dabbling in the exciting dark side of Seattle society. But as the drama unfolds its many layers of dirty tricks and crime, some petty, some serious, crowding the investigation, we see and explore a small catalogue of human frailty, those traps which tempt naive risk-takers into the adventures which nibble away at their moral natures until they are trapped in a darkness from which there seems no possible retreat, only an advance deeper into territory they’re already terrified of.

By the episode in which the perpetrator is finally uncovered we have completed a grand tour of the human psyche and are more than ready to let go of our attachment to it. A good night’s sleep seems more in order.  This, of course, is more or less what happens as we explore the various realms of Spirit which are conveniently, and somewhat simplistically, labelled the Afterlife.

Our initial excitement at escaping the prison of flesh and three dimensions is gradually tempered and educated by the discoveries that many levels and sub-levels are inhabited by discarnates with distinct behaviour patterns, all of them working out their issues, either together as a community, or solo in various types of isolation. As they work through their problems, blockages and attachments, they ‘lighten their load’ and can ‘move on up’ to levels more refined and blissful than they previously imagined possible.

Eventually it is possible for them to refine themselves out of all apparent existence, becoming what might be termed ‘a cloud of light in a sea of light’, where such distant mysteries as ‘omniscience’ and ‘omnipresence’ make themselves an experience rather than a promise in an ancient mystical text.

Here all sense of good and evil, crime and punishment, religions, prophets, societies and leaders, melt away into the general ambience of divinity, the all-in-one, one-in-all, where the bliss of knowing and unknowing cancel each other out, leaving only that light which lies beyond and from which all manifestation springs. Where such things as victims and perpetrators, mysteries, resolutions and revelations, moral compasses, their makers and breakers, are subsumed in the radiance of ‘look no farther’. And where that good night’s sleep turns out to be preparatory to that vehicle re-entry we oft- times call reincarnation.