In any of several modern discussions of ‘God’, one still gets the impression, despite the many advances away from the blinkers of religion, that the writer seeks to portray an approachable, embraceable ‘God’ to calm both theirs and their readers insecurities and fears.

To me that it a mistake; that is precisely what prophets and messiahs are for. They, that panoply of myth-making heroes, all exist as spectacular, transcendent human beings who have absorbed a sufficient measure of divinity to reflect it back to all comers.  All of them welcome the seeker/believer with open arms, blessing them with light and love in the midst of their travails.

‘God’, however, is a transpersonal, limitless consciousness that is not out to welcome you, the individual, with open arms.  You have to force your way in with a kind of effortless determination.  This great, endlessly creative force of the universe, breeder of atoms, volcanoes and planets, sustainer of all energies and manifestations, cares not for your devotions and doubts.  In fact, cares not for anything in particular.

You can join in its ceaseless flow by abandoning your selfish concerns and floating in its tides.  The ocean refuses no river, as we say, but neither does it bother to acknowledge them.  There is no ticket for admittance and there is no seat close to the stage.  The performance is pitiless and provocative and instantly recruits any reluctance into the game.  Relish that whenever you give yourself the chance.