Righteous outrage, and I see it all around me on many levels of society, is fueled by ignorance and denial. In conventional terms, denial is seen as denying the darkness in oneself and projecting it onto others who seem to fit the bill, that chorus of sinners and criminals that society has selected for the whipping post and ducking stool. Seen though the prism of Freudian and post-Freudian psychology this is fine as far as it goes, but for the dedicated reincarnationist like myself, it doesn’t go nearly far enough.
In the multidimensional psycho-history that past lives become when viewed en masse there exists acres of space and scope for every soul to act out the moves of ruthless ambition, merciless cruelty, sleazy manipulation, selfish accumulation and all the ugly chorus of bad behaviours that keep the wheels of society turning by providing seemingly endless opportunities for moral guardians, reformers and dogooders of all stripes.
All of us souls in the uniforms of sentience have had ample opportunity to indulge our desires, sometimes well planned or and others spontaneous. Whether by mystical contemplation or the archives of regressionists it has become almost a given at this point. But despite this almost universal lip service paid to the doctrine of reincarnation in the new-age community, I see person after person indulging in righteous outrage at every opening, effectively denying their past indulgences in the behaviours decried.
The problem, as far as I can see, is that many have yet to explore and embrace their earlier iterations in this fleshy experiment in evolution. There is nothing quite like seeing yourself

Hunt the prey
Kill the enemy
Defraud the partner
Enslave the peasant
Deprive the servant
Imprison the wife
Control the populace
Torture the renegade
Rape the helpless
Cheat the customer
Torch the village
Beat the child
Hoard the gold
Punish sin
Blindly obey the order….

Embracing the dark side of the planetary experiment, and our individual contributions, gives us the much needed inner knowing of the shadowy desires and motivations of every soul currently engaged in guilt-and-punishment generating activities. It also, if pursued to its limits, throws plenty of light onto that ineffable balance between wickedness and righteousness, all those good guys patrolling the bad guys in that illusory game of scarcity, where every excuse for not sharing the spoils is given, challenged and ultimately protected.