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In the last week we have all been exposed to the shadowy scheming of the world wide wealthy and their concerted efforts to bury those riches in offshore tax havens, or at least as much as is legally allowable in the various jurisdictions affected, which seem to be many. Individuals, corporations and intelligence agencies of many nationalities and revenue generating activities have been caught up in the vast fishing net hacked out of the files of Mossak Fonseca. Heads of state have been forced to resign, others have been impeached and challenged. The waves of last minute cover-up and denial are daily accumulating, as are the further accusations from many quarters.

This latest round of fraudsters, much like the last lot of 2008, all seem to fit into that “Do it as long as you can get away with it” category on what we ruefully recall as the moral compass of humanity.  In this they easily qualify as minor miscreants in those major leagues of corporate and governmental gangsterism we have been exploring as we progress in our education in the myriad ways of deceit for profit.

That Russia Today would report that the Western media is rushing to slam Vladimir Putin and his pals whilst ignoring the many other celebrities of the international political circus masquerading as administrators and statesmen is no surprise, and neither is their quoted assertion, from Ray McGovern, a well known CIA whistleblower, that “it was a major mistake by the leaker” to go with “with the corporate press” as it is “controlled by corporations that profit on wars and have an interest in creating tensions” and that “they should have leaked them to trusted independent journalists”. Nor is it much of a shock that Wikileaks has tweeted that the “US Government and hedge-fund billionaire George Soros funded the Panama Papers to attack Putin”, as if Vlad’s rep required further blackening.

And so the reportage, gossip and propaganda swirls. None of the above may be true, slightly true or cleverly tilted away from the “real” offenders, whoever they may be in this colourful cast of reprobates, and who will likely include, perhaps to some chagrin, a scattering of your favourite sports and entertainment stars, but it underlines, in the classic fashion of ‘no smoke without fire’, our planet’s carefully orchestrated carnival of wealth accumulation and hoarding. Everywhere, and everwhen when it comes down to it, there are still many souls acting out the archetype that Tolkein so aptly illustrated in his Gollum character in Lord Of The Rings, wasting away in the shadows of their greed, rubbing their magic rings and going my precious my precious as everyone in their coterie of charming sycophants schemes to relieve them of their burden.

In the freewill mandate of our planetary playground, such behaviour is always permitted, as is every other character patterning and trajectory. Souls, it would seem, deserve all the help they can get as they gradually build the vast and glittering fortress of their desires, eventually bricking themselves, and their willing collaborators, in. For it is only there, in the palace of their imprisonment, momentarily charmed with any of the poisoned chalices of their daily vanity, will they be able to see through the roomful of mirrors to the light beyond, a light into which they will wish to leap, finally detached from whatever fears kept them cozy. And that, of course, is a version of the leap we all will take, regardless of position in the poverty-wealth spectrum.

In the meantime I watch with fascination as outraged citizens demonstrate their indignance at these intolerable behaviours. How the mighty fall when their citadels are so easily shaken!  Public shaming, whether in street or internet, seems to be fast becoming the revolution of choice. I see it in action all around the globe, whether at the mercy of armed soldiers or the harassment of major media.  While it has always been a modality through which society’s self appointed administrators controlled the more effectively rebellious factions, it is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for the disenfranchised citizenry.  Emperors and their cabals have always had no clothes, but is only in modern times, with its surplus of education, leisure and travel, that the average punter can so freely perceive.

And so here we are, once again, looking at all the little Pinocchios trying to disguise their ever expanding noses with elaborate explanations and devious denials.  Let us continue to laugh at the universe of lies as it flops at our feet like so much wet spaghetti.  Let us do so, as red faced outrage and pious hand wringing have long since lost their appeal to those of us who have seen through the veils of form and expression to the mischieviously morphing essence of spirit animating the illusions.