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Yet another film about Scientology has peaked my interest in the illusory belief systems religions and cults do their darndest to construct.  Following on closely from last year’s Going Clear, My Scientology Movie would seem to be yet another nail in the coffin of the pretzel logic in the service of raking in the suckers for profit.  Documentaries which enable the viewer to see through the elaborate constructions of PR deceit  that is more the rule than the exception these days.  The Smartest Guys In The Room shone an unforgiving spotlight on Enron, Inside Job on the Wall Street banksters, The Armstrong Lie on competitive cycling, and this is to name but a few.  The trend is well established, and when it links arms with such whistleblower/hacker networks like Wikileaks and Anonymous and the efforts of individuals such as Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden, we are left to wonder where the shreds and ashes of truth might still be lying.  The corporate entities, governments, various public and religious edifices now laid bare for all to see, they once helped define our sense of an ordered and just society, cultural purpose and civilized progress.  They were the outward emblems of our cultural belief system, that unspoken list of assumptions which fed our sense of meaning and significance amidst the welter of seeming futility found in those hours of getting and spending which constantly shape us as social beings.

So as we see these illusions being slowly chipped away by those who dare to speak truth to power and the greed and lust dressed up in public relations, we begin to wonder where the life without illusory beliefs might be.   And as seekers we might ask the same as we aspire to greater and greater levels of openness to growth. We have, no doubt, already shed some belief system or other as inadequate for our current aspirations on the path. A family, a tribe, a diet, a cultural assumption, an ingrained prejudice, a class snobbery, an economic privilege, a racial definition, a religious dogma.

As we move towards subtler and subtler understandings of our position on the planet, as it plays its part in the galaxy, we can see that each of our earlier attitudes was based on some belief, or set of beliefs, that provided a useful platform for our explorations. One by one we shed those beliefs as structural systems no longer needed for support, often feeling that we are standing, more and more, on our own feet rather than adopted assumptions.

That we gain inner strength from each of these seeming advances is a given; now when we wobble we must stabilize ourselves without the mantra like beliefs previously relied on. And the independence thus gained is a complete remove from the isolation earlier suffered by the separated ego shuffling its desires to ward off its fears. It is an outgrowth of strength rather than pride.

So as we shed the various illusions supplied for our use by family, society, religion and physical existence generally, we come to wonder what it is exactly which powers our passage through the lives we lead. We say energy, we say divinity, we say consciousness. Having seen through the accepted distinctions of light/dark, good/evil, right/wrong, good/bad, we find ourselves at some kind of monist position, where matter is merely energy slowed down and energy merely the varied velocities of consciousness as it maps the many territories to be tricked out with forms. We can see that we are a form, as are animals, trees, mountains, angels, landscapes, a form in which consciousness can have a unique educative journey.

We can see that we are created beings, built for experience by some endlessly and mysteriously exfoliating divinity. Later we can admit, once the fake piety of religion and the overweening pride of science have been overcome, that we ourselves are emblems of that divinity, that we build the experiential journeys from before the birth of the vehicle they are traversed in, and that the various deities, divinities and superior beings of history and myth are but more created beings built for conscious purpose in the fields of dreams where civilizations rise and fall, each believing in their divinely apportioned destiny to overcome and educate the other.

To see and understand all this, we step out of our own precious form and current planetary base, to know all our bodies, on any vibratory level and in any incarnation in the staged plays of time and space, are each built on beliefs which simultaneously facilitate and imprison the beings unfolding and evolving. And then we know that such experimentation is engineered from a space of unbounded light, where consciousness has no shape, or quality, identity or distinctions, where all is one and one is all, where there is nothing to believe in, or construct beliefs about, where knowing is all and nothing at all.