When the rock vocalist of today (2018) sings passionately *Why cant we live together?* he is inheriting and repeating the naive idealism I grew up with in tbe sixties and seventies, that *all you need is love*, *give peace a chance* and *this is the dawning of the age of aquarius* generation, revelling in its own righteousness while facing down the genocide of Vietnam, the enormous wounds of World War Two and the nuclear paranoias of the cold war.

Unfortunately, great music, unchained minds, free love and psychedelics failed to remake society from the ground up, as our sparkly intoxications had lead us to believe, only plopping us down unceremoniously onto a newish looking landing pad somewhere on the foothills of spiritual ascension, from which the proximity of previous pads could be all too clearly seen.

For many this led to either the helplessness of despair or the no-holds barred plunge into ambitious acquisitiveness.  Some of us, however, were spared those fates and found ourselves the beneficiaries of esoteric teachings and alternative spiritual practices which helped illuminate the *ground of all being* hidden by the frantic activities cultures create and encourage.  We sensed, and sometimes felt, the stillness in tbe eye of the storm and recognised its unlimited gift.

We could see that regardless of anyones activities, whether constructive, selfish, ruthless or merely entertaining, we are all ultimately living as one.  The One of humanity, the One of all sentient beings pursuing their agendas whatever their galactic origin, the One composed of desire, fear, doubt and attachment, the One of many motives, the One of lousy luck, shitty karma, mouths with golden spoons.

In these moments of realisation we felt the One powering the many and the perfect beauty of interlocking parts.  We still loved those songs of romantic idealism, joining in on the well known choruses, but felt, without doubt, the support system from which they arose, that endless mattress on which all forms find their respite.

And leaning on our elbows we enjoyed the view, knowing that adjustments, however major or finicky, were not required.