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We have been inundated with the public exposure of sexual harassment issues these past few weeks, and, as they say, how the mighty have fallen all across the board. Some, I suspect, will be quietly resurrected on the periphery of their career fields in the years to come, such is their overwhelming talent and its innate ability to generate income action for the project team they will be invited to join.

Others will never shake their sacrificial lamb status and be forced to live in the well upholstered exiles common to their class and historical precedents. And others will be tempted to seek a quiet retirement to juggle their memories and pump up the price for their memoirs. Some of course might be forgiven, as was the director Roman Polanski by the woman he allegedly seduced in her teen years, her own polemic arguing that if she could forgive him why couldn’t everyone else.

As a society we are not yet, I fear, at the forgiveness stage, the dishing up of condemnation and public shaming being much too attractive. For decades the denial and enabling game was being played out, mostly by those too ambitious and fearful to step up to the plate and tweak the emperor’s nose. The outrage that many are currently indulging in will reach the tipping point all addictions result in, but I wouldn’t care to say when, other than the obvious ‘when it runs out of steam’.

Like all societal frenzies those of us on the inner journey have to maintain our calm detachment. But remaining in the serenity of the “heart of light, the silence” does not mean we are indifferent to the sufferings of the innocently deluded. We understand that societies and individuals are shaking off their karma bit by bit and that the process needs to be given enough space to operate, so that the souls now shouting for blood and recompense may indeed have been the guilty ones in past lives and can see that they are essentially shouting down their own shadow selves.

We also know that lecturing these humans on their ignorance will accomplish little, as the energies of their attachments must dissipate on their own time track before being quietly, or perhaps publicly, discarded. More celebrities other than Shirley McLean will have to publish and promote their private revelations. Perhaps one day, souls like Oprah Winfrey will help evolve their rooms “full of magnificent women” into crowds of enlightened, gender free, souls.