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On the same day this week two articles reminded me of how utterly misinformed millions of humans are, whether humanists or religionists, as to the actual energetic realities of that eternal life which is constantly unfolding and morphing all around us.

A prominent politician was reassuring his ‘pro-life’ audience that he stood foursquare with them on the life-begins-at-conception belief system. Whether he, in his unabashed lust for votes, actually believed in the position he passionately espoused, is immaterial; his sizable audience sure does. A few pages later I read of the doctors at a large inner city hospital, insisting on their right to disobey the law, newly minted, in favor of their religion’s moral stance in the medically assisted dying process.

For those of us who have successfully surfaced from the seas of illusory beliefs and into the light of understanding, both positions are redolent of fear based limitations encouraged by hierarchies dependent on the obedience of followers. When you come to see that eternal life, lying as it does above and beyond the theatrical tragedies of history, is a state of being and not a gift or privilege to be bestowed by a deity to the faithful or granted by some benevolent aristocracy or government, you know without doubt that all medically or legally imposed definitions fall woefully short of the actuality of our infinite adventure.

Conception is no more than the beginning of the construction of the biological vehicle which our spirit will drive across the varied terrains of the material plane. That it should be revered as a miracle of engineering is appropriate to the many eons of experimentation and effort which have gone into its gradual approach to perfection, but that deep respect should never morph into a timid slavery of genuflection as it is no more miraculous than any other manifestation of the divine will’s creativity.

Damaged vehicles can always be rebuilt or replaced, and God is not a being to either approve or disapprove of your preferred mode of transition into spirit. Whether you choose one of the cancers, or the lingering grimace of another long suffering, the cat and mouse tango with law enforcement, the cunning deceptions of the white collar, or a predictably dull cruise to the funeral home pursued by the praise and grief of friends, or the pious submission to the divine dictates of your ancient sacred text, your transition will be effected by energies which transcend any definition you care to apply.

You are lifted to the next vibrational level in which you will be the most comfortable and the mode of transport will seem like magic, particularly if you are one of the millions who do not consciously recall your nightly trajectories from the basket of sleep. Although the number of us currently incarnate who are able to see such transcendent conditions is small compared to the crowds of religionists and humanists hoping for the best amongst the welter of opinions crowding the public discourse, or the twittersphere as the chatoholics prefer, we are a useful vanguard for those who would follow in our footsteps as the tides of evolution push them to the edges of their belief system and beyond.

And one might add that the astral planes around our planet are equally occupied, – the vast majority of souls dwelling in their preferred summerland of ethnicity and religion, and where pleasantly surprised humanists are gingerly joining in the fun as they unpack their suspicions one by one. A much smaller group of disgruntled malcontents, the self-defined undeserving and the terminally hateful and angry, inhabit the dismal lower astrals, slowly burning off their rough edges in the classic purgatorial process. An even smaller group, although enumeration is significantly anecdotal and approximate, have their being in the upper astral and lower mental realms, where transparency is the norm and virtual invisibility almost as common. I can tell you, going about there with a clipboard and questions can only be executed as a comedy act.

And perhaps not surprisingly, they are the closest, as they either become nimble in nirvana or prepare for another plunge into ignorance, distrust and doubt, to the complete embrace of our limitless eternal being that is never truly bounded by any definition employed by language structures, mental concepts or affections of the heart.