I was reminded of the importance of desire whilst reading an onine discussion of lust. That attribute has long held an undesirable status in society, something condemned in holy books and advice columns the world over. The lust for wealth, the lust of ambition, the lust of pride, the lust for amenable bodies. It’s all rather frowned upon, wouldn’t you say?

Looked at objectively, as we on the inner journey of spirit, struggling through illusions to understanding and a complete embrace of all that illusion has to offer, should always be doing despite our culturally enforced comfort zones, lust is merely another aspect of desire.

Desire for wealth, desire for status, desire for fashionable clothes, desire for for fine wines and transformative drugs, desire for successful offspring, desire for beautiful homes, desire for democratic societies, desire for peace, desire for domination of the other, desire for clean water and clean air, desire for a quiet neighbourhood close to urban amenities, desire for a basic education or an impressive university, desire for a secure and fulfilling career, desire for the buzz of living above the law, desire for eluding justice, desire to be a willing operative of philanthropy, desire for God to be obeyed and his righteousness to be restored on Earth, desire for the goddess to return and be fully respected…they are all desires. Even the endless squabbles of the “my desire is more worthy than yours” variety are the working out of desire’s energies.  Ambition, fulfilment, frustration, despair, hope, faith, prayer, fear, doubt… they all result from the activation of desire.

Desire is a tool of the divine, as it leads us out from the prison of ourselves into the world of relationships and situations, all of which have to be navigated one way or another. And the challenges we face and the buffeting we receive are the education we came here for. Not the securing of our careers, families, societies or religions, but the education we absorb in the struggles to do so. Educating the earthbound ego in the ways of this planet and the party in paradise as we watch our wounds heal.