I know many people who do it, or try their darndest to do it.  Seems to me they are seeking peace and contentment as opposed to the happiness that capitalism and religion sell as the benefits of their system.  The complexities of cities and wealth, those endless options tempting the chooser, they find them distracting and often overwhelming.  They wish to have a simpler path through the day that deposits them in the evening, reducing speed for sleep.

Village or country life often helps them achieve their goal, particularly if they remain childless.  Sometimes a quiet, inner city neighbourhood can provide the same oasis.  Of course raising a family, even a small one, brings its own turmoil of decisions to shatter any semblance of quietude, and the ones who try that route usually find themselves waiting patiently for the isle of retirement to appear on their cruise.

Some of these folk steer clear of the internet and have always done so, others avoid news in any of its packages, prefering to play with their pets and peruse their own solitude.  The volatile and unpredictable worlds of geopolitics and business can be worried over by others.  And as one who indulges in such fretting and chattering, I can see why they prefer to avoid it.  Eliminating the noisy rivalries of politics and the marketplace can make for a mellow fruitfulness all year round.  The play of shadows and sunlight, the merry squeals of childen passing by, the serenade of songbirds at dawn and dusk, the pleasures of meals prepared and digested, the many joys of music made available in the home:  A quiet life has its rewards, mostly the same ones repeated throughout history as cultures rise and fall and societies stamp their character on the seas of citizens populating their structures.

The simple life has been celebrated in word and song for many centuries, yet the temptation to dive in the deep end of chaos and confusion, insult and aggression always remains beyond the garden gate that is now the flick of a switch.  In splashing about in such contrary tides, analysing and synthesizing mounds of contradiction into a sleek fit of information that one can wear as a suit in the clamour of streets, I have found a layered harmony that can compete with any symphony in the charm of its melodies and rhythms.  And as such I feel informed and repackaged every step of the way, my circus of contents entertaining that core of nothingness going nowhere.