I see the word all over these days.  In studies of psychic abilities.  In talks by UFO researchers. In meditation manuals.  In neurology and quantum physics.  In race relations.  In psychedelic research.  In animal rights organisations.  In explorations of plant, vegetable and tree life.  Its use has gone, as we say, viral.

Consciousness can be seen as “all that we are conscious of”.  Through our thoughts, sense perceptions, emotions and intuitions.   Of course, each individual, depending on their level of openness and acceptance, is conscious a greater or lesser amount.  As we grow in desire and ambition, we discover more and more in the world around us, more to be conscious of.  And as we pursue those threads of interest, gathering knowledge and understanding as we go, and generally making use of that knowledge to better ourselves in one way or another, we come to a stage where consciousness would seem to be more than the objects, beings and systems that appear in our explorations.

At some point we may discover, as a theory, rumour or fantasy, that consciousness is much more than the driver of sentient beings, that it is, or could be, the actual life force itself, something beyond the molecular and sub-atomic particles that, through their bonding, allow perceptible forms to manifest.

Is consciousness the prime substance, the first cause, the ground of all being, the word of god spelling out the very idea of light?  For me the answer would be an unqualified yes.  What animates me is what animates you is what makes plants grow horses gallop and fish swim, fires the suns that render planets habitable and charges the gravitional force that keeps us all in place.

You might say it was the original miracle worker, that god which moves in mysterious ways to make the plan unfold. You might let fear categorise it as an imprisoning force, that which gives us just enough energy to appreciate the cage in which we are contained.  You could, just as easily, let it liberate your need to expand and encompass, to better know the energies in and around you.

As we explore consciousness, for immediate gain or long term growth, we slowly uncover its greatest secret:  that everything, including emptiness, is constructed of consciousness, that even vacuums and voids have pertinent advice.  And that advice is: keep going for you have no other choice.