In obe explorations what counts is curiosity and confidence in one’s abilities and worthiness.  The curiosity leads to discoveries, discoveries of landscapes and communities outside the cultural comfort zones of your current incarnation.  The sense of personal worthiness permits you to reach out to the formerly famous, the historical personalities and the spiritual leaders you admire and wish to learn from.  Prophets, messiahs, saints, angels and ascended masters, all can be contacted by those who wish to swallow any lack of self-esteem and seek out the energetic focus of the being so desired.  Feeling a sinner’s unworthiness will, of course, keep you from the company of Jesus or Buddha, an apostle,  favoured pope or ‘past’ Dalai Lama.  Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Ahkenaten, Confucius, Joe DiMaggio, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Frank Sinatra, Rudolf Valentino, Ludwig Beethoven, John Coltrane, Wlliam Shakespeare,  Thomas Jefferson, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe,…. all have aspects of their essential being ready to respond to serious enquiries from bold explorers.  Those who have made their mark in history, high achiever souls, recognise the need and karmic necessity of depositing a reasonable facsimile of their recognisable selves in the spirit worlds for the benefit of their fans and devotees, while a larger percentage of their soul energy goes on to further adventures and explorations beyond the heaven worlds of this planet.

And in all this seeking and finding, these projections while asleep, souls are not so different from their physical plane habits and attitudes. Here we go places and interact with others; there we go places and interact with others.  There the others are mainly discarnate spirits, here they are mostly incarnate humans.  Here it’s family members, friends, neighbours, workplace colleagues, retail clerks, restaurant waitstaff, educators, transit workers and so on.  There it’s whoever you run into while exploring the mysteries and magical surprises awaiting both the newbie and longterm experiencer in the subtly shifting structures and textures of spirit. This ‘running into’ seems random at first, but with experience one can see that it’s one’s personal vibrational frequency and innate magnetism which attracts those in your bandwidth.  Of course, karmic connections from past lives will certainly play a role here, although it may not be obvious on first contact.

Here the conventional and timid soul shapes a small and predictable comfort zone for its life, while the bold, fearless and curious soul shapes a deeper, wider territory to accomodate the wounds accumulated in its brash, and perhaps careless choices. There the timid soul reunites with family, friends and those who share its cultural assumptions and expectations.  Their tribal, ethnic, economic and religious affiliations will be more or less replicated from their lives here.

A white blue collar hard working home owner will find himself settling with his kind in a replica of his earthly neighbourhood.  An ambitious urban professional Asian American will find herself in some fabulous astral city surounded by her ilk, all of them anxious to learn and achieve in their marvellous new environment.  Devout religionists will reinvent themselves in the heaven world most suited to their spiritual development  and intensity of faith.  That’s Italian Catholics, German Lutherans, English Anglicans, Pakistani Muslim, Indian Hindus or Chinese Baptists.  That ‘many mansions in my father’s house’ is truer than most realise.  Sceptics and atheists have their own comfort zones to inhabit and explore, just as they do here, for those so enamoured of the human intellect over other attributes have as much ability to expand beyond their orbits as those whom piety defines.

Those here who take great pleasure in all the sensual indulgences, who follow the satisfaction of appetites, those desirious of the constant repetition of satisfaction, will find themselves well dressed and catered to at parties, receptions and banquets. The pleasing tinkle of chuckles and witty repartee will not wither for lack of new arrivals.  The pleasure palaces of the astral plane are as well appointed and morally flexible as any earthly habituee might wish.  There is no danger that they might foolishly wander into some fundamentalist boot camp as personal vibrations automatically dictate locations and activities.

Each of these character types have plenty of opportunity to revel in their  lifestyles of preference, now free from the anxietieś of mortality, not to mention the space to eventually tire of their selfless pursuits or frivolous indulgences, and then settle back to reconsider the magnificent mystery of endless existence, whether on earth or in heaven, or some other place they can’t quite assess or define.