A recent Globe and Mail article by Ian Buruma has once again focused my attention on the stiff resistance to that blending of ethnicities, cultures and religions which many in the new age community, me included, have posited as the inevitable outcome of the ancient plan of evolution, overseen but not controlled by the ascended masters, where all men and women live their lives on an equal footing with equal opportunity to explore their personal potential.  You know, the brotherhood of all mankind that will slowly morph into the brotherhood of all sentient beings.  Yes, that one.

It’s an old idea for us on the inner path, and let’s face it, just another hurdle on the way to the complete emancipation of all beings from self-justifying authorities and profit-at-any-cost corporations.  But for many millions still clinging to their past of national pride and religious exclusivity such a goal seems absurd, if not impossible.  They don’t want to mix, blend or share their riches, they fear cultural change and loss of identity and they cannot abide foreigners with funny ways and heretical beliefs.  So when their populist leaders build fences and walls and pass legislation to enforce continued isolation from the future, they cheer them as saviours, saviours from the global elite whose free thinking liberal ways are destroying all that’s best in the sovereinty of nation states, all that should be preserved proudly in public and not on the dusty shelves of museums.

This rivalry between the purveyors of internationalist globalist liberalism, for whom George Soros seems to have become some kind of patron saint, and the radical right wing nationalists like Mr. Orban, Mr. Erdogan, Mr. Salvine, Mr. Wilders, Mr. Farage, Ms. Le Pen. Mr. Trump and their new cheerleader Mr. Bannon, will doubtless play out over the next few years, as populations, fearful of the demise posed by integration, continue to throw their support behind these heroic wall builders, even if elections are trimmed down to mere displays of dissent supressing pride, as seems to be the case in Mr. Putin’s Russia already.

And although I see the inevitability of the blending of cultures into a OneWorld consciousness, my rose coloured glasses are not sufficiently tinted to predict anything other than a gradual accumulation of humans inhabiting the trans-cultural consciousness now claimed by the wealthy and middle classes who can afford regular travel outside the frame of their cultural enclosures.  The upper end of this mild prediction is the growing stats pointing towards the expanding middle class of India, China and Brazil, all of whom, in their millions, seem anxious to spread their wings.  The lower end, unfortunate and unappetising as it may be, is the flow of refugees from civil strife and the naive victims of human trafficing.  Many in these groupings, despite the grim harshness of their transitioning, will survive to have and nurture children, many of whom will find a blend between, say, their Thai, Afghan or Romanian heritage with their Finnish, Welsh or Argentinian lives, a blend, however rough cut, that will boost them beyond the blinkers and walls their grandparents might have struggled under.

While it will be fascinating to witness this political seesaw over the next decade, as the various luddites try to smash holes in the waves of promiscuous mingling of strangers, brash go-for-it consumerism and free floating sexuality that threaten their assumptions of tradition and purity, no happy resolution or quick fix is in sight.  We shall just have to wait, likely beyond this life and its companion afterlife till we return, fresh faced and full of beans, for the next one, around 2115 and beyond, when our present stage of nationalist fervour has run out of steam, just as the first phase, 1914-45, exhausted the enthusiasm for nation smashing amongst those willing to throw themselves into the fire for the myths of king, country or ideology.

Just as historians can look beyond the regular reoccurences of plagues, wars and economic strife to the enduring cultural patterns of humanity and society, while the general populace strive to confront only what is presently in their faces, we can examine the tides of options and opinions fighting for supremacy in the endless unfolding of the moment, as expressed by the planet and all its participants, whether nomads in deserts or gigged-up millenials in condos.  We can see what’s going on, despite the deceits and cover-ups, and know we will survive to shoulder other obnoxious burdens, manage other portfolios and laugh at other absurdities.