If you follow reports in the media about crimes commited by schizophrenics, you will regularly hear of their rebellion against their meds and the dopey no-man’s land it keeps them in and how, once the excitement of the initial break out has subsided, the voices will start again, the voices that torment them with accusations and belittling comments, that barrage of disembodied mocking that follows them around wherever they venture, filling them with anxieties and paranoia, as if they didn’t generate enough for themselves.

In  reports from trials you will see phrases like “kill the bitch” (to offer but one distressing example)  given as preludes to the actual pushing of a female stranger onto the subway tracks.  Over the years I have seen such printed many many times, enough to convince me that lower astral entities, nasty pieces of work every one of them, are the culprits. More recently, with developed astral vision, I can image quite clearly the impromptu  crowd of mercilessly nagging discarnates taking what look like little bites out of the weakened auras of shizophrenics, not dissimilar, I might add, to the trail of dead addicts harrying a living one towards their next high.  These are the earthbound ghosts, those too afraid or ignorant to move to the real afterlife, who have learned to relish the limited freedoms available to them: – the invisibility, the apparent impunity and the freedom to mock and torment the poor incarnates who cannot avoid hearing their harangues, whose auras have what we might call holes into which energetic attacks can be inserted by those sufficiently determined to destroy what little peace of mind they may have had.

Obsessing entities come in all shapes and shades of motivation and self-deluding justification, and the archives of psychic explorers and facilitators like myself are filled with encounters and attempts to neutralize such heartless miscreants.  Some mediums, fearful of their own fragile stability, will avoid dealing with them, but there are enough of us willing to risk our peace of mind that a substantial archive has been built.

Conventional psychology and psychiatry being scientific-materialist in theory and practice, do not subscribe to the reality of spirits and seeks only to squash the victims’ receptivity with pharmcological suppresents, which do work but at a steep price for the sufferers.  Like most allopathic cures, they destroy symptoms while creating others to replace them, creating a merry-go-round from which there is little chance of escape.

Energetically removing obsessing spirits from their victims, can be, and often is, more successful in the long run, but it takes a focused determination on the part of the psychic practitioner to acheive long term results.  The entity has to be confronted and either charmed or commanded to (a) leave the immediate vicinity and (b) move on to the afterlife proper where, after some remodelling of their soul energies, they can resume their human evolutionary path on whatever plane suits their needs.

Practitioners  whose archives you may consult include the following:  William Baldwin, Louise Ireland-Frey, Sue Allen, Wanda Pratnicka, and Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan.  Of course these modern practitioners have taken up the reins of the ancient oral traditions stretching back thousands of years in the streams recognised as shamanism, witchcraft and the work of many secret esoteric schools.

In recent years I have been gifted by my spirit contacts, guides if you like, with the knowing that some obsessing spirits are, in fact, the still-warlike recruits of ISIS, who believe by encouraging those unhinged by PTSD and alienation to act out their killing fantasies, the active shooters and demented bombers we hear so much about these days, they are continuing to destroy the empire of the unbelievers from their new vantage point of spirit.

Such is their fanatical devotion to the spiritual ideology which initially captivated them that while spirit guides of the non-denominational and benevolent kind can sway some of the devotees who are already falling away from the game plan,  others cannot be reached and are more susceptible to those spirits who once cajoled them into action on earth.

This phenomenon, though little remarked upon, is not entirely new.  Much spiritualist communication from the last century speaks clearly, and often amusingly, of soldiers, killed in battle who fight on ignorant of their death, and groups of combatants who think their efforts against the enemy can be continued from spirit by what I might call “thought poisoning” and “destructive poltergeist activity”.  In my own explorations during the 2003 Iraq war, I came across a band of Kurdish fighters who politely refused my offers of assistance in attaining a higher state, quite convinced they could assist their living comrades.

Can they?  I suspect not, at least not very much, since the attempted manipulation of matter and other men’s minds is far beyond the capabilities of the recently dead, regardless of their cunning and enthusiam.  Such activity is reserved for those of long training in esoteric matters, either advanced pupils of the ascended masters and adepts of varous spiritual traditions revolving around yoga, breathing and meditation. And, of course, not forgetting those who, deluded by the glamour of the fiesty rebel, have strayed from the path into black magic.

In directing your attention to such developments I am not suggesting that mere knowing can alter the situation.  Humans who surrender their souls to fanaticism of any kind cannot be dissuaded by either reasoning or appeals to higher nature, since they believe they are already operating on a more exalted level, one that their would-be critics and reformers cannot hope to understand.

There are many life paths that lead deluded souls into the limited realms of the lower astral where they find themselves puzzled and rather put out by the unpleasant surroundings which they’d love to blame on any number of factors, other than the one that places them there,  – the low vibrations of self-obsession, anger, resentment and hatred.  Like many new arrivals they do not realise they are creating their reality by their moment-to-moment thoughts and emotions, and they stumble around trying to make sense of things.

That some of them wind up psychically torturing the weak willed and tormented amongst us is a fact of what I’ll call psychic history, and the knowledge that some of them are the slaves of their own demented desires while some are the dupes of ideologies promising victory over the evil Other, merely adds more flavours to the soup being stirred by spiritual evolution, that irrestible force which gathers us to the planet’s table that we might share a meal without insult or squabble.

I look forward to sharing such a glad repast, even if it is not manifested for another century or so.  Incarnations, while not exactly a dime a dozen, are not the major events our egos would like us to think, and the time spent undergoing their rigours soon flutters away when we are vacationing in that eternity of spirit which seems to fall between death and birth.  Meanwhile, may I urge you to observe, from whatever vantage point your meditation may take you, the earthbound entities who harass our weak willed, traumatised and addicted neighbours into acts of destructive vengeance.  It can be an unpleasant task and one from which you may instinctively recoil.  Like all charitable acts, you can leave it to others who seem more suited than yourself to such activity.  But if you wish to understand the illusory motivations which underlie the tragedy and suffering of this callous circus we spin through, I suggest you enter this demented realm and see for yourself what goes on there.