The pace of the psychedelic renaissance, powering up these past few years, has yet to flag.  Governments seem to have lost their paranoia over consciousness expansion.  Perhaps as long as it confines itself to adventurous individuals and stays away from movements for political change.  Or perhaps because some boomers have attained positions of power and influence, while millenials are proving to be fearless freedom loving stoners.

Reminders of this new reality arrive almost weekly.  Today it was an article from the website Gaia, outlining the continued pursuit of DMT revelations.  Namely the realisation, after some decades of collating trip reports, that the ‘self-replicating machine elves’ who dance and morph seductively for those who have penetrated the barrier membrane that Terence McKenna first reported years back, are indeed, more than cosmic clowns entertaining the explorer, and are likely autonomous beings existing independently of the perceptions and expectations of the temporarily triumphant experimenter, thrilled to be the object of their attentions.

Also it appears that two researchers are proposing to lengthen the contact period at the height of the trip, aiming for maybe twenty minutes rather than five, to be achieved by intravenous injections rather than the traditional three puffs.  Longer audiences with the autonomous beings should strengthen our resolve in several ways.  (1) Assure us that it’s all actually happening, (2) Convince the beings that we are ready to learn what they have to teach, and (3) Provide us with some platform from which to view the entire panoply of spirit beings throughout the planes who are available for conscious interaction.

I have already written  of these matters some years back, placing the DMT beings in a parade of ever increasing intelligence, starting from lower astral earthbounds boxed in by resentments, addictions and angers, through the happy dead in one or other paradise, puffed up with the pleasure and joys so readily available there, through devotees spiritually fulfilled in the attainment of the promises made by their prophet and religion, the spirit guides, teachers and angels of the mental and buddhic realms,  always ready to lend a hand or smooth over some irritations, the extraterrestrial visitors observing and taking notes, the prophets, ascended masters and saints themselves, faithfully guiding and shepherding, whether in form or out of it, and the beings participating in the continuous acts of manifestation which produce and maintain the planets, mountains, oceans, farmland, villages, cities, buildings, communites, …basically anything that has a molecular structure in the micro to macro range.

It is possible, through the type of consciousness projection that arises without the external aid of DMT or other psychedelics, to interact profitably with any and all of these beings throughout the planes, as I and others have demonstrated throughout those years that make the passage of time seem so real.  The ‘autonomous beings’ of the DMT trip exist in one or other of the spirit (non-physical) realms, and perhaps several simultaneously.  We ourselves, as incarnate humans, exist on several levels, whether we know it or not.  Not the least of which is the Monadic plane, where our Higher Selves hang their hats for the duration of our learning curves.  Anywhere else you ask.  Well, that part of your soul energy that was not required for this current incarnation, will likely be an astral being in one or other of the heaven worlds, doing what comes naturally as ‘you’ get tossed about in the rough and unpredictable seas of this dramedy that we call ‘life’.

In outlining the above I am not in any way averse to the exciting explorations proposed by the DMT researchers referenced in the Gaia article.  Anything which expands our understanding of the multi-layered mystery in which we find ourselves is to be welcomed without reserve, even if it’s only fodder for further debate.  Debate keeps our pencils sharpened and our expressive abilities fluid.

But the knowing that comes from direct experience, of revelation unmediated by opinion or persuasion, is, of course, the holy grail of inner exploration.  That which sheds all need for doubt or reflection is the pearl of great price.  Will the gifts of the DMT beings be of such a nature?  So far they seem like encouragements to join the dance, to enter that state where their brand of singing produces not just notes, melodies and harmonies but beautiful forms filled with ideas, three dimensional and maybe multi-dimensional art which engulfs the perceiver as it endlessly shifts into something else equally astounding.

When I breathe myself into these spaces and am greeted by these beings I feel giddy wih the amazement we’re not supposed to feel.  Don’t get caught in amazement we hear, join us as we dance and sing.  Forget your self and become one of us as we spin through whatever catches our fancy in the moment.  Be something, be nothing, be anything in between.  Watch as your thoughts become little things and then spin off somewhere out of sight.  Fret not where they go or what they become.  Just have more thoughts and make more things. The worlds are full of little things, there’s a never ending need and an never ending supply.  Join us and learn not to care why.

Is it the naturally occuring DMT in our bodies that fuels these projections, experienced as meditations?  Maybe, likely, probably.  Let me make a song about that. Or did I already sing it to you?