As we gradually uncover and carefully remove that splendid assortment of veils that hide the shocking immensities of our true nature, we can still see the little man making his all-too-human steps towards the realisation of her ambitions, and although we may feel some shame at the smallness of the egocentric thrusts and tiptoes performed in some obscure corner of this thriving, bustling universe, you can still see the point of it all.

You can still see those tiny steps inspiring the occasional leap, some of which will span the apparent gulf between this plane and the next, and although the rubber band of reactive temerity will snap you back to safe ground, the memory of that majestic, sparkling other will haunt your shadow until you reach for that leap again.

And the accumulation of leaps, from sphere to sphere, – the incarnate, the discarnate, the virtually invisible, the completely formless, the absence of individual identity, the fruitless search for a deity to curb your own shocking divinity, and the knowing that every star and planetary body is, or can be, a man or woman at their highest function, that we ensoul these vast structures even as we stumble through the confusions of each incarnation.  “Every man and woman is a star” (as Crowley channeled in 1904).

Though much is hidden from our fragile timidity, lest we crumble under the excitement of revelation, “reaching for the secret too soon”, much will be revealed as we shake off the comfort zone of blinders.

And much of the above is the essence of esoteric teaching given forth in the many mystery schools and secret brotherhoods quietly active throughout history as the destructive convulsions of nature compete with the ruthless rivalries of tribe and nation to torment a fearful mankind who fled to the reassurances of priestcrafts, religions, warlords and kings.  And in those bloody centuries of enforced conformity there were always those who uncovered the hidden light lurking at the edge of prayer and contemplation and felt compelled to pursue, at their imminent peril, the holy grail of true understanding, shorn of those who would foreclose through fear.

The contemplative cave, the thrill of the gallop, the pearl produced by silence, all of these are stages on the way, the guardians of which are us, hiding from ourselves.