As we glide shuffle or stumble through what some call a pandemic, others a plandemic, and yet others a sneeze or two on the way to one world consciousness, what I notice, amidst the flurries of information surrounding us daily, is the dance of fear and anger that seems to orchestrate our lives.

A variety of authorities issue edicts that demand not only our attention but our compliance.  Some arrive from the ministry of truth, others from the ministry of faith, and yet others from the ministry of dissent.  All claim authenticity and accuracy, some with the calm rationality that implicitly rebukes any other mode, others with the passionate polemic born of perceived injustice and deception.

As citizens continually assaulted with the chaos of contradiction we react in the rhythms of dance: some shuffle, shrouded, keeping their distance and eyeing others with suspicion; some stride with the arrogance of confidence, sure the ministries are ministering only to themselves; others pirouette in place, confiding in their carefully constructed nests, waiting out the storm of conflicts until the calm of exhaustion resumes its rather boring predictability.

All seem energized by either anger or fear:  Fear of illness, death, expulsion from the tribe, or the punishment of disobedience.  Anger at wilful deception, hollow threats,  lust for power and control, pointed disregard of personal sovreignty.  Of course, there are variations on these themes, additions to the engines of determination, arguing for position and advantage, but they only decorate the banquet halls of our dances with fear of death and anger at domination.

Will the band desist from playing the paid-for tunes, allowing us some rest in this game of musical chairs?  Will there be enough seats to go around, or will we have to sit on each other’s laps to appreciate the comedians reciting the stupidities once enacted on our behalf?  I sense the latter.  But I could be wrong, ridiculous or righteous.  Perhaps I’ll reserve the right to be all three, depending on who is looking.