Once we have attained a level of serenity and acceptance in the face of life’s turmoil and committed ourselves to some level of compassionate action, – chakra balancing, distance healing, regression work, psychic circles, prayer groups, hugging, listening, in fact any of the modalities of sympathy and empathy, we are deposited at the door of discernment and choice.

     What, if anything, to do, how and when to do it.  Careless compassion can be a blunt force instrument when not positioned with attentive consideration.  It can gush or smother rather than pinpoint or execute.  Enthusiastic newbies to the healing of wounds, as I once was myself, tend to gush and smother.  It feels wonderful to allow those heart chakra energies to freely flow: the wounded and suffering can feel loved, treasured and grateful, even if the healing is partial and temporary.  And we, as channels, continue to feel just as blessed in this conscious extension of blessing.

     But at some point in our learning curve we see that we are not rocking colic-y babies to rest but encouraging reluctant teenagers to take control of their murky confusions and forge a life from what appears to be random pieces of some incomprehensible puzzle.  This brand of tough love comes from the understanding that everyone chooses their reactions to the road bumps on life’s rough ride and often those reactions come from behavioural ruts formed in the fiery trials of past lives, while the effort to overcome those defense mechanisms of resistance is actually the issue you’re working on and not just the newest manifestation.

     Along with that insight we uncover the understanding, through dream, vision or intuition, that certain choices have been made prior to physical birth, with various soulmates and guides, to confront and work on the conflicts and energy blockages yet to be fully dealt with on that long trek to unhindered self-expression, that is the total self not the partial one appearing here.  And further, that these choices, made in the calm confidence that the spirit realms provide, can seem insurmountable in the cauldron of fears and desires that families, societies and religions give expression to.

     Some sufferers need to jump start themselves out of timidity and piety while others need to curb the excesses of will power and ego.  Some are desperate for ambition and some are desperate to lose it.  Past life loners seek the nurture of family while past life super breeders long for the escape of the open road.  Some wish to strengthen their resolve through conscious suffering, either through disability, disease or personal or political oppression.  Some choose the tough haul as a road to liberation, as a way to complete their earthly education and graduate to one or other of the paths that lie beyond.

    The souls of those experiencing the results of those choices know just what they’re doing and why, but the personality of the incarnate human often does not, despite the various inklings that the more spiritual end of their culture provides.  The denialism of why me? and why now? is rampant, as we as facilitators require the requisite discernment to adjust our actions with as much accuracy as possible as angry egos and fearful families ramp up their resistance.

     Fortunately our ability to discern and collaborate with the sufferer in the energetic decoupling of their attachments to the illusions of tragedy and its aftermath, however painful and debilitating, refine themselves as we submit to the rigors of each new challenge.  We absorb the blows and then transmute them with the love and understanding that have come to us with grace, mainly because we asked for them.