As we open ourselves, with open hearts attuned by discernment to what seems like fresh opportunities for growth, we come across those younger folks, who may not be younger souls, and in fact most likely are not, and are but unrealized seekers fumbling about for paths and portals that are not tricked out with shabbily trendy gurus and self-improvement cults, we are challenged to come up with the goods that fit the keyhole to their seemingly locked doors.

     And of course they are all individuals, emerging butterfly-like from the chrysalis of families and societies, most of which will not support their careless and selfish meanderings across this planet of traps set by the many silky smooth operators culling as many fans and devotees as possible for their charismatic vanities.  And yes, our personal takes on what might fit their stage of growth can be encrusted with our own assumptions and preferences, usually drawn from our own previous pitfalls on the path.

     The discernment provided by the constant practice of the observer consciousness,  – standing apart from our strutting selves to see who and what is winding us up for the actions and reactions every day demands, – that is what leads to an accurate assessment of the situation at hand.  While all manner of insecurities, self-consciousness and what might be termed the ‘intellectual burdens of education’ will make themselves known in their body language and conversation, and the reaching soul will reveal itself soon enough for one who is ready to see.  Again, it’s the self-observation that makes you ready.

     The assessment rendered, the advice given, the tips passed on, all without expectation of result or reward, these are the gifts of spirit we have been told about, or maybe warned against, depending on the source.  Unfortunately all sources have been contaminated by the perversions of ancient wisdom that are inevitable as the underground streams of insight made their way across the millennia of histories and cultures who sought to damn or dam them for their own use.  Annoying to be sure, but it’s all part of that good and evil chess game that we think menacing and powerful others are manipulating, but are in fact fostered by our lofty selves at other levels, where making the puzzle even more challenging seems like loads of fun.  Yes, we are the tricksters setting at least some of the traps that tempt us with some glamorous fall from grace.

     And if you can get even a small measure of that fun across to the troubled seekers trying on new shoes every other month for yet another trek, and maybe bring about even a small seizure of chuckles then you’ve done your bit for the team, the team that never really wins or loses but merely plays.