Many dreams, including those well on into the inner journey where the horizons of achievement are becoming clearer, can still be shrouded in fuzzy images and talk so indistinct it might as well be whispers in the breeze.  Our seeming lack of focus can easily fix us in the frustrations we thought we’d left behind in our newbie days.  Where oh where did that lucidity go? 

     We share our irritation with fellow travelers and bathe in their sympathy.  We wait for a break in the fog, and when it comes we are cheered by a welcome turn to the partial knowing that helps accelerate the shift from three dimensions to four and five, and maybe, once in a while, more.   In these expanded spaces we can glimpse the subtle connections between souls, cultures and incarnations, the patterns of behaviour and karma which can either bind or free us, depending on which point of view one feels settling gracefully from some ‘beyond’ we can feel but not quite fathom in full.  The buddhic and causal planes present their gifts without explication or apology, and the wealth of astral emotion and fullness of mental thought cannot bear the weight of comprehension here, but we can be inspired by the vistas which seem to surround us when ‘there’.  The endless karmic chains of actions and reaction, brutal when undergone, can be seen as no more than the passing of a torch on some long distance race where the team can assume enemy status with an ease that belies normal understanding.

     In these expanded states, however rare, it is also possible to see our incarnations as lucid dreams we assume are real whilst acting within them.  Life on this planet, in whatever sentient form we choose to inhabit, is a series of lucid dreams, dreams so real we often only see them from what they are once passed into spirit.  And even then it can take ‘quite a while’ to come around from the ‘shock of the new’ and the pleasures of paradise and look back on that life in fondness, regret or disgust, and see it for what it was, a dream gradually dissipating into the endless tides of experiences that are building the planetary structure which we might call the Earth Life System, from which, despite all seeming misfortune, we shall one day, graduate.

     So, in whatever level of lucidity we lead our daily and nightly lives, it is always a matter of focus, of simultaneously sharpening and diffusing perceptions to attain that detailed, wide angle view of the ever passing scene, one which shows us the relevance of all details and the small but significant contribution of every sentient being in the picture.  Every desire, every fear, every ambition, they all play into the multidimensional puzzle that history attempts and fails to accurately chronicle.