It would be difficult to recall a time when I had not heard of the Akashic Records in one or other of the many metaphysical books I was reading in my youth.  Whether inspired by teachers or channeled  through spirits, the references were unmistakable.  In the astral, mental and causal planes at the very least, it was possible to attend a place, a situation, a focus of consciousness, where all the ‘events’ of what we call history could be viewed and re-experienced without the willful deceptions of political and economic power plays that distort the reportage of historical reality here on earth.  Beyond the proud  trumpeting of the victors’ triumph and innate moral superiority and the insulted, wounded whining of the losers and the endless ruthless cruelties of the struggles to achieve dominance, whether on a personal, tribal or empire level, lies the actual details of the process laid bare for all to see.

     Apparently, on the mid-astral planes of the summerlands and heaven worlds, there were many theatrical reenactments where the truthful story was exposed, far beyond any deliberate deceptions the scribes of the day were bribed or forced to deposit in the written record.  These theatre shows, although only one category of spirit world entertainment, were very popular, it was written.  On the mental and causal levels, such information could be accessed in small, free standing theatre-like buildings, where energy beams from even higher realms would relay the information requested by the viewer, including that of their own past incarnations and karma.  If timid, one would employ a willing guide and if brave, just walk in.

     As a young seeker I was very curious about such things, but the overwhelming effects of all the traditional esoteric and modern new age literature, then available in the 70’s/80’s, tended to put all revelations into a very wide screen picture, where many intriguing aspects could easily be overlooked in the gush of excitement that is inevitable when the mysteries are even partially unfolded.

     As the decades of my journey rolled out and the parameters of my experience as an incarnate human widened beyond any previous conceivable horizon into what seemed like completely uncharted waters, where anything feasible was actually do-able, the Akashic Records faded into the background.  The promise of immediate and magically creative action shone invitingly.  How about a three dimensional chess set?  A model village with all the cultural accoutrements, where new arrivals could actually live their heaven lives?   A museum and gallery complex that constantly but immeasurably morphed its outer forms, never quite looking the same way twice?   Hey, I could check out all that historical and cultural confusion later.

     And with many of us exploring our nde’s, obe’s, lucid dreams, past, future and those lives-between-lives, our interactions with our extraterrestrial visitors, our attempts at harmonizing with the elementals, devas and nature spirits, not to mention our nuclear or extended families, the Akashic Records remain fairly far down in our to-do list.     From time to time I ponder its usefulness.  Will the in built prejudice of perceptions not continue its parade of assumptions?  Can we attain, in any meditative or obe state, the escape from cultural biases?  Can we ascend beyond the male, female, mammal, insect, elemental, Chinese, French, African, Persian, Indian, Russian, Hybrid or Indigenous viewpoint?  How about the Earth centric view?  Or even the Milky Way bias?  Is there actually anything left after the basket of biases and assumptions has been cleared out?  What kind of neutral emptiness might be left to look?  And what, if anything, would it see, intuit or find significant?