As we move along our inner journeys towards what we assume is deeper understanding of the enigmas and mysteries of our real lives, sometimes racing along without the least bit of resistance, sometimes stumbling about, absent-mindedly looking for clues, we come across mentions of the Higher Self, the Monad, the source self, a being whose existence seems as remote as archangels and ascended masters to our apprentice ears, about as distant as a PHd to a kid in grade five.  At such a point it is easy to dismiss our personal discovery until much later on the trip, when we assume that contact with our dear departed and some wise spirit guides will set us up for more profound revelations.

In the history and language of esoteric teachings, the Monad/Higher Self always seemed at the far end of some hierarchy, just as the notion that we are in fact, not merely astral bodies in heaven when we pass, but ultimately vast transparent clouds of intelligence without bodies, personalities or other identifying markers at all. This despite one of the ascended masters in the Alice Bailey channelings describing himself as merely an ‘elder brother’ slightly farther along the path than we aspirants, disabusing us of any notion of minor deity status in the process.  And as I discovered in my own work with some of them, as published in Jesus And The Christ in 2007, they are indeed very cool guys with a finely notched sense of humour as they shepherd human consciousness along any of its many paths.  As many of you already know, what they now ask for is conscious co-creators not submissive disciples.

The Monad/Higher Self seems to be seeking as much input from its explorers as its data banks can hold.  It wants to know everything about life, in its myriad forms, on this planet.  Thousands of years gathering evidence mean little or nothing to it.  Time and space are merely the parameters of the playground on which its children move and have their being.  What they develop in terms of attitudes, desires, ambitions, fears, behaviours, whilst in the grip of time and space, those epochs, cultures and belief systems that arise and then fade, merely contribute to the overall picture of the various species that make up our Gaian ecosystem.  And as we advance in our understanding of Higher Selves we see that they have completed the course on other planetary systems before arriving here as not quite so fresh recruits.  And like the formation or destruction of planets and stars they seem to have no beginning or end.

     And what’s more they are us and we are them, as any slice of a hologram contains all of its true nature.  To know this intellectually and to feel it it as a living element of your being is, of course, two entirely different ‘things’.  One seems like an intriguing idea to be toyed with in some living museum of meditation and the other can easily overthrow any sense of character or stability the individual may feel.  That plodding journey of discovery may suddenly be wrecked by the side of the road, with humanity, morality and civilized discourse in shreds beside it.  All that striving and struggling now quite pointless, nuggets of know-nothing to be chuckled over.  We are so attached to our upward climb that the experience of the efforts melting away can be a shock, to say the least.

     Can transcendence be so traumatic?  Well, for a while until you get used to it.  Forget that body, those aches and pains, forget those wounds and all that bleating about them, throw away all those valuable thoughts, discard those well crafted plans.  When you blend with Higher Self, little or none of it matters.  The blissful joyride is all.  And from what I can gather a good deal of it is beyond bliss, settling into some fine blend of serenities.

     I attempted to outline these serenities some years ago in the book You Are History.  I can see now that it was a progress report, as is this.