The discussions, so far, or soul and soul age, lead almost inevitably to Higher Self/Monad and its consciousness of all its soul probes out in the worlds of form, and by that I mean physical and astral.  At that level the terms incarnate and discarnate are virtually interchangeable.  Your ‘dead’ self is merely an extension of your ‘living’ self, as it picks up the threads of t your character, desires, doubts and relationships and continues on, after an initial adjustment period, exploring the parameters fo that new world as it presents itself, usually with a fair measure of relief and joy.

     As many have experienced Higher Self as a multileveled focus of consciousness that operates outside ‘time’ and sees the distribution of all its soul probes simultaneously, it seems appropriate to approximate that take on things by attempting to raise our personal vibration to that level, if perhaps only for a tantalizing glimpse.  Are such efforts sustainable, and can it be any more than yet another act of perception, an operation similar to the one you are now using to read?

    What is the range of our perceptions?  We see, we hear, we feel.  And our indwelling intelligence sorts out the details into useful categories.  We employ some, discard others and stash more for later.  There’s the pile we take advantage of and there’s the pile we keep tripping over.  Higher Self has a greater range and depth of that function we’re calling perception.  Ditto for the astral body.  Any meditative or projective experience will tell you that.  The challenge usually is not to dismiss through analysis but to absorb without judgement and remember.  We have to take that Oh wow! experience and turn it into a file, an accessible file.

     And despite the endless problems and crises of daily life, this can be done.  Or so my experience tells me.  And with the present proliferation of blogs, books and podcasts, I can see many others have reached a similar conclusion.  We are moving ever closer to wearing our inner divinity as a set of clothes rather than a badge on our lapel.  We are in the process of casting aside our definition of ourselves as pawns in the unfair game of life for a new one as self-directed entities employing our innate sentient intelligence as a navigational tool for that multidimensional map of life, one that includes not just all races by but all discarnates, angels, aliens, elementals, animals and vegetation.  We are no longer tethered cattle in the holds below the waterline, we are captains of our own little yachts.

      Of course, it is a gradual process, one that will likely cover more than one incarnation, but having thrown off the shackles of religion, politics, nationalism and the propaganda that would have us be proudly obedient, we have launched the boat of our cruise, a cruise that will survive both calm and storm to reach that heavenly harbour from which all journeys can be viewed with an understanding nod.

     Can this be the ‘now’ of Higher Self, the accumulation of files and maps that become the experiential thesis for graduation from what has been called the Earth Life System?  As I inch towards that Higher Self consciousness, day by day, life by life, it seems that way.  Let me elaborate:

     As a projected aspect of Higher Self, we are, or would seem to be, a miniaturized model of the complete being, a holographic representation.  Our share of its divine wisdom is present but rarely apparent, as it is overlaid, veiled and blocked by the knowledge necessary for the successful navigation of the physical plane and quite often the astral, which in its early days was so fraught with pitfalls, predators and dangers, that any kind of survival, however brief, was considered a triumph.

     This blocking of divine source was intentional, an experiment by planetary designers to create maximum darkness and distance from omniscience, to see just how ‘humans’ might cope and learn.  As Monads thus invited from elsewhere (Sirius, Andromeda, etc.) we were intrigued and wished to challenge ourselves.

     Well of course, the little part of ourselves which arrived on the surface as primitive humanity, soon forgot all that.  We became controlled by fear and convinced by separation.  We were the kids that divinity forgot, god’s pathetic orphans.  Belief systems were built from such foundations and became myths, religions, philosophies and political economies.

      When Higher Self envisions us, it sees divine beings lost in belief systems.  Systems like democracy, progress, agriculture, manufacturing, worshipful subservience to science, prophets and deities.  It sees children playing, frightened and ignorant, educated and desirous, mystified but lost in enchantments.  It knows the distance between its vibratory level and that of incarnation is so vast that the production and avid consumption of sustaining belief systems is inevitable and cannot be avoided, and it allows for the entanglements thus produced.

    It waits patiently (if patience can even be said to be one of its attributes) as we travel though ignorance and indulgence, poverty and wealth, allegiances to family, tribe, nation and religion, the pampering of vanity and pride, the walls of fear and isolation, moral turpitude and fervour, accumulation and disbursement of treasures, devotion to ideals and prophets, indulgence in the emotions, subjection to the intellect, service to self or humanity, attachments to hells, heavens and paradises.

     It waits in our idea of patience as it knows our return, despite the entrapment of epochs and cultures, is inevitable, and that we shall, without doubt, remerge with the light, becoming, once again, a knowing wave in the ocean, completely at ease with the pull and push of tides, and utterly uncaring of destiny, achievement, meaning and immortality.