Our journeys through the mysteries of Being and our being within it can leave us quite mystified, somehow simultaneously inspired and baffled.   It is sometimes quite the challenge to keep both feet on the ground while one’s head and heart are in the clouds.   After visiting ‘there’, with all its charms and joys, coming back ‘here’ can feel drab and quite depressing.  Is it all worth it?  Why bother hanging your hat here any longer to be surrounded by cynics and materialists busy pushing back their fear of death with perks and toys?  The temptation to surrender to the thrill of a knowing transition, a leap rather than a stumble, can feel irresistible.  You know very well there’ll be a welcoming committee with only a few tut-tuts of disappointment.

     There are, of course, your commitments and obligations here, those who will feel guilt and resentment at your surprise departure, tying you down with their righteous grieving.  And you know enough now to see what a buzzkill that would be.  Eventually the better angels of your nature convince you to stick around for the suffering others, whose stability is considerably more fragile than your own.  You are your sister’s keeper.  In fact you purchased a ringside seat to the service-to-humanity game  when you reached even a partial fulfilment of whatever practice picked you out from the crowd of applicants.  Yoga, meditation, plant psychedelics, obe travel, they all existed long before you thought to try them on for size.  And that’s why you often feel more like the passenger than the driver.  They are the long term service providers showing you the ropes.  All the paths vibrate and glow with the aspirations and devotion of prior travelers.   When you feel the pressures of their struggle you can use them to power your own, taking the notion of team spirit to a whole new level.   And thus renewed you continue, carving out your own path to some ancient destination.

      You gradually come to see that stability and balance, before and after your expeditions and explorations, are not only to be prized but actually quite necessary to your continued functioning as a helper/guide/facilitator.  Just as the observer consciousness is necessary for an accurate perception of who the ‘you’ is that is undergoing this course in self-development, so too is that calm neutral vision when interacting with the troubled ‘others’ who come into your path.  Seeing them without the complications of emotional attachments that can cloud the issue at hand is the most productive.  The healing of their wounds, those invisible insults to the psyche, in the short or long term, takes precedence over how you may or may not ‘feel’ about their predicament.

     It may seem like a cliché but the way forward is to ‘just do it’.  Deal with the aftereffects later.  Small psychic disturbances may bubble up but they can most often be smoothed out with some quiet meditation.  If you are still in the astral afterwards there are various ‘shower facilities’ around to wash off any negative vibrations that may be clinging to you.  If you cannot find them put out a request and it will be answered.  Helpers, often invisible, will show you the way.

     Maintaining stability, emotional and mental, as I have outlined, is the optimal base form which to engage with your astral operations.  It can be given greater strength and flexibility by indulging in one’s favourite hobbies and entertainments.  Enjoying yourself is more important that we know.  Let it flow.