While on the journey, the inner one always unfolding, the situation, of you or the world, can seem out of whack, weighted in favour of the winners, monstrously unfair.  The minuses outweighing the pluses in your own account, your faults competing with your wounds for dominance, and the chances for lasting insight, never mind enlightenment, farther than any horizon.

      Such states must be endured as maturing perception will eventually reveal the balance: that the string of lives where selfishness and lack of compassion for others is balanced by another string, where selfless service to society and others, even random others, is primary, and that ultimately, as an older soul more in tune with the plan for evolving sentience, you actually do not owe anyone anything, and are admirably poised to put the final touches to that perfect portrait of the many yous comprising the final product of those endless permutations of psyche and personality played with throughout that lost-in-the-woods trek we call history.

     You can now see that the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ spanning the planet on any day during any epoch cancel each other out leaving an energetic neutrality that is perfect in its unfolding and infinitely subtle in its complexities.  Those clashing melodies can resolve into a sublime harmony that some have termed the harmony of the spheres.   As an old soul relieved of those burdens of ego and duty that insisted you act to benefit the status of yourself or the suffering of others, you can now relax into the extended contemplation of Gaia and all its inhabitants, their comings and goings in joy and grief, the many spheres they inhabit as bodies, spirits, orbs and invisibles, the useful illusions of their beliefs and ambitions, their connection to the source that some call god and others dare not name.

     And in that contemplation you can see the balance extends far beyond your arrival within it, that it has always existed despite the upheavals of destruction and creation and will continue to do so, absorbing all black holes, dark matter, planets and galaxies into its process, that nothing is amiss or wasted, and that all is recycled for further experiments in consciousness.  And then you can enjoy those eternal moments where all interactions and events seem perfectly timed and in tune, sipping at your drink without a shade of regret or guilt.