That all-knowing light we experience in the ‘god consciousness’, where the many manifestations of, well, anything from atoms to galaxies can be envisaged as coming and going in some mysterious cycle as species of all types, from ants to elephants appear, evolve and die out in a dizzying array of challenge and adaptation as continents arise out of volcanic eruptions and landforms appear as glaciers melt, and the endless search for sustenance gives way to wars and peace and wars again, becoming overwhelmed with the rush of information can easily lead to a sudden shrinking of consciousness where the experiencing individual cannot usefully comment on the revelations shown them, beyond some exclamation of amazement on the level of Oh wow, incredible!

     Been there, done that, and will definitely try harder next time.  Glimpsing the ancient transcendent vision of ‘life, the universe and everything’ can be appallingly inspirational on many levels but remarkably difficult to communicate.  Even to say ‘it has to be experienced’ falls far short.  All language and ideation seems insufficient.  One begins to see why the Buddha is smiling.  He’s been there and done that too.  If everything slips magically into existence, functions as a platform for various activities, evolves to greater complexity and then disappears, can the purpose be anything other than the playful expansion of abilities, the application of problem solving techniques to every challenge and the satisfied rest from desire fulfilled?

     In my scant ‘time there’ I have seen it as some colourful and carefully ordered chaos that can only be witnessed and not employed to advantage.  There’s no controlling the tides, the weather or the aging of stars despite the ambitions of politicians, CEOs, scientists or messiahs.  All that was perceived was perceiving me and each was rendered as a cog in the All.  And in this rendering I have joined the endless line of mystics who’ve tried in vain to describe the indescribable.  It’s no wonder than younger souls turn to the gods of religion, the teachers of philosophy and purveyors of politics to provide answers and solutions to the seeming madness of it all.   What can we, as older souls on the inner journey, tell them other than it’s an endless outpouring of creativity on the cosmic level that transcends all previous definitions and leaves you overwhelmed with an amazement that eventually settles into the serenity which has been termed “the peace that passeth all understanding”.

     It can easily seem as if we are swapping one fairy tale for another, this nameless bliss for some determined deity, and one cannot blame children, however charming and cheerful, for not understanding this post-graduate formulation of how things really are.  However they have likely marveled at computer-generated images of our milky way galaxy and sub-atomic structure, so the seemingly miracle of infinity has been slipped by their brains one way or another, leaving them at the same Oh, wow! stage as ourselves perhaps just a loop or two down the spiral.  But it’s a start, a seed that could grow taller than the myth of ruling deities and perfect messiahs into the inexplicable wonder of it all.