The Cleverest Conspiracy Of All


We live in an age of conspiracies and rumours of conspiracies.  Even those who mock and deny their existence feel the need to talk about them in a disparaging manner.  Governments, corporations and intelligence services all thrive on their production, implementation and cover-up.  Educated populations, now mostly freed from the threats of eternal damnation, loosened with ever increasing leisure, and armoured as never before with access to information, demand ever more sophisticated cover-ups and plausible denials delivered with assurance and aplomb.  Children with considerably more than spare change, we now require sophistry on the level of myth, complete with the the panoply of dramatis personae we have come to expect down through the storytelling ages.

Some ancient battle between darkness and light, truth and deception, seems to be continuously reenacted on the world stage.  It is a drama of operatic dimensions that could easily grow a religion or two about it.  Who will save us from the lying demagogues of democracy, the chorus asks.  Who shall deliver us from the seductive pit of propaganda?  The answer is perhaps obvious: us.  Us and only us.  We the people, who are so much more than concerned citizens, but who have forgotten their divine origins and are dwarfed by those who would manipulate our ignorance into endless dependence.  We need not wait for all the Pinocchios to grow long noses.

All the political shenanigans, all the crafted assassinations, all the bombings with their stage managed radicals, all the wars over natural resources spin doctored into evil dragon slaying, all the drugs so carefully designed, all the spiritual wickedness in high places, it’s merely the play of Maya, illusions prancing their hour upon the stage.  It need not detain us, although it can and does, our fascination with baubles and blood being what it is.  But for those of us on our way to graduation, a not insignificant number I might add, the cleverest conspiracy of all is that of the Higher Self.

The Higher Self conspires, unfortunately with our full cooperation, to denude us of all cosmic consciousness, so that our delivery onto the physical plane through the medium of our mother’s womb is accomplished with such a narrowing of the psyche that the phrase blank slate is the most accurate for our tiny embodiment of life.  So although we are emanations from a virtually omniscient Monad (group soul, Higher Self), by the time we descend through the planes to arrive here almost emptied of our previous divinity, and proceed, through many trials and tribulations, to recover our heritage shorn of the illusions of ego and society, we are essentially starting out once again from the basement of consciousness to explore not only the house above but the many mansions which it magically contains.

And we essay these explorations as dim witted but boisterous children, eager for adventure but easily cowed by frights and cuts.  As personalities we grow with our family and society imposed definitions, all of which are useful within the parameters laid out before us, becoming independent and educated adults.  But as spirits in the material world these definitions become ties which keep us in bondage, too timid to explore the unknown and unseen.  And when, out of frustration or giddiness, we do reach out a seeking beam, they remind us to doubt and distrust, to return to the basement where being rendered stupid with safety is the community standard.

In our ignorance as state sanctioned citizens with rights and responsibilities we often remain, assured that we are contributing in an accountable and civilized manner.  But as citizens thus defined we remain ignorant of our greater selves, our original share of divinity, and we quietly assume our tiny spots in history, the subject of forces beyond our control, when in fact we have picked a life path of challenges suited to our needs, and only appear to be buffeted by the fates of disease, lousy weather and political repression.  Whether we have chosen wisely or been rushed by the prospect of thrills is another matter, but the metaphysical fact is that we have picked and are partaking.

But our ego based illusions about our limited and isolated selves conspire to keep us in our place, while attributes such as gravity and debt assure us we have made the smart choice.  Inside our separated selves, our much valued individuality, we look to sources of power outside us.  Whether natural, as in earthquakes or floods, or man made, such as banking or government, we feel dominated, threatened, conspired against, that there is a hidden order which executes plans in the shadows, regardless of our requirements or well being.  There are hidden orders conspiring contemptuously in the shadows, but they operate at the level of ego and ego gratification, and as such, live in even more illusion than yourself, the seeker and would-be disciple of the mysteries.

The cleverest and most cunning conspiracy of them all is the one you delude yourself with, that we all delude ourselves with: that no matter what your station in life, your race or gender, your degree of freedom or repression, you are in essence an unbounded being of light, a conscious contributing emblem of divinity, who is only pretending to be daft and lost and limited.

The Inner Voice & Awkward Answers

Continuing our examination of that place of knowing and the inner voice which emanates from it, let me be clear on the various tags that have been applied to it.  Conscience, intuition, “guidance”, guardian angel, spirit guide, soul, spirit:  these are just a few of the names we comfort ourselves with.  And comfort is not always what we achieve in communication with this inner voice.  In fact, discomfort and annoyance is more likely to be the result.

Hearing that your current challenges and difficulties are (a), just what you chose before birth, (b) some details in your karmic adjustment program, (c) willing service to another soul who asked for it, – these are not the ego satisfying signals your daily irritation is seeking.  Hearing that your deceased father is not “with” your deceased mother, but playing the field in some astral beach side resort where the pleasures of vanity and the flesh are indulged in with the same enthusiasm as their counterparts on earth but without the risks of unsightly waist lines and STD’s, this man who was a dedicated and selfless father and provider on earth, it’s not exactly what the mourning son or daughter wishes to hear.  That your smart, high achieving agnostic brother has decided that the afterlife is living proof of Jesus’s teachings and become a devoted Catholic in Catholic heaven can be a bitter disappointment, raising the spectres of cynicism and despair in a life that was smooth and fulfilling just moments before.  That your high school buddy, derailed by earthly tragedy into a dissolute and criminal lifestyle has not mended his ways but has somehow continued his reprobate activities in some lower astral purgatory, easily described by the psychic you’ve consulted for a second opinion whilst still in shock.  While not generally as ideal destroying as the experiences of disabled and addicted war veterans, such signals can disrupt a hard won personal comfort zone for quite some time, until denial builds its walls or acceptance pulls them down.

I have met many Christians over the years who tell me that an inner voice is clearly heard when they devote themselves to prayer.  Listening to their tales of applying compassion in appalling situations or unconditional tolerance of bad behaviour is not so different from hearing the reports of meditators and yoga practitioners, whose voices are sometimes a parade of images that tell a story, sometimes a story of a past life ended abruptly with a road ‘accident’ whose perpetrator is now a friend or relative who always seems to be watching over them with care.   The advice, while genuine and heartfelt, often goes along party lines.  While everyone seems to hear the gospel of unconditional love, a tune I’m rather fond of myself, the new-agers tend to hear it wrapped about karma and past lives, while the religionists tend to hear about dealing calmly and effectively with the hand that God has dealt you.  Then there’s the dance between one church and another, one pastor to the next, one spiritual practice to another, – they often reveal either a search for that prized inner voice or another attempt to run from it.

And where is the voice coming from, some ask.  I certainly did myself in those formative years of seeking that preceeded my current mystical-philosopher-and-internet-pulpit performances.  There are, without doubt, spirit guides and guardian angels, whose chosen task is the care and guidance of earthbound souls in human form.  In my experience they are mostly ‘dead’ humans, choosing to remain in spirit while others of their acquaintance plough through the school of hard knocks.  Some, I will admit, seem to have graduated to actual angelic status, while others appear purely angelic without human roots.  And yes, some report the presence of archangels such as Michael and Gabriel with impressive displays of swords of light and the like.   Whether they are dazzled or deluded is for your own discernment, and as I seem to have had a couple or three encounters with the cosmic being we call Jesus and at least one ascended master, I am not about to brag or criticise others.  For the more human connected spirit guide, the choice is often a selfless and often unrewarding task, the ignorance of the incarnate being determinedly renewed with every dawn, when dreamers return to the dungeon of three dimensions.  It is a given for such shepherds and is usually, in my experience, handled with a jokey camraderie, not that different than surgery room nurses, whose giddy banter has charmed the socks off me from time to time.

Other versions of the inner voice of knowing include ‘the soul itself’ which seems to reside within you, patiently waiting for you to pay attention as you giddily lurch from desire to fear to ambition, prompted by all those culturally approved carrots dangled just beyond your reach.  And when I say “within you” I am ackowledging that the bodies beyond the physical, the astral, the mental, the buddhic, etc, each more refined than the previous, have a reach that transcends all our notions of form and boundary, linking us by the most tenuous of threads to the realms beyond all heavens where knowing, direct knowing without doubt, is but one more attribute of the godlike being we are but usually deny or forget.

A voice to watch out for is that of the earthbound spirit, – too confused, ignorant, angry or fearful to move on – who hangs about looking for a safe haven.  Sometimes that safe haven is a place of worship, of gambling, of major league sports, theatres and concert halls, stock exchanges, any gathering place where that soul has attended and habituated over the years of earth life.  Other times it’s individuals they feel a bond with, – the timid, the perennially weak willed, the depressed, the ambitious, the resentful and angry – and they tend to hook in with the energetic vibration they are familiar with, which includes any of the above and more, settle in and share the emotional ups and downs of their new buddy, pumping them up with bravery when fear strikes, or pushing them to gamble or drink more as the buzz is downright contagious.  Their voices can sound legit and powerful, but watch carefully their tone.  Perhaps sly, probably deceitful, often full of praise, the kind of praise that encourages vanity and pride, the kind of cheerleading that champions only the winner.  At worst they glom onto schizophrenics who go off their meds to become one more in that demented chorus of voices demeaning, attacking, larding on the paranoia and ofttimes insisting on violence.  Having their psychic slaves shove some poor bystander under the tracks is a victory, and I have sometimes seen them tormenting the newly ‘dead’ soul, still shocked from the sudden transition.  And it is not uncommon to find one or more spirit guides at these urban incidents, employing their power to shoo away the tormentor while guiding the victim to the light.

It is unlikely that any of you reading this will be moved by such a voice, but I relate these possibilities so you can understand how these ‘like attracts like’ situations can be dealt with if the opportunity arises.  Make no mistake, some of these voices can be quite convincing, especially to the battered human feeling desperate.  The most common of these dire situations collect around alcoholics, drug addicts, gamblers, suicides and the congress of loveless sex.  Trust me you’ll know it when you see it.  For example, that lonesome nine year old who stays in her room reading gloomy books and staring out at the rain, who was pretty much a happy camper months before, she’s likely under the influence of some other nine year old suicide or accident victim who’d been looking about for a buddy and has attached to her aura.  And that soul could have wandered in from just about anywhere, bringing with her bad attitudes on a number of issues, perhaps including bullying or sexual abuse, that could be unconsciously sucked up by that carefree kid of just weeks ago.  That influence could be temporary or of longer duration, leading to suicide attempts at worst or sudden crazy family squabbles at best. Another example would be the family member, – a brother, a cousin, an uncle’s –  sudden descent into obsessive boozing, gambling or promiscuity, who just last christmas seemed a happy and balanced individual.


If you experience the inner voice and wish to question its legitimacy or source, just ask.  The malicious earthbounds will prevaricate, boast and lie, but your well meaning mother, grandmother or ex spouse will likely fess up and let you know how much they care.  That care can be confused with interference, and often is, but maintain your balance and sort it out.  The activation of discernment is strongly advised.  One does not have to abandon love and compassion whilst leaving that bullshit detector switched to on.