About Gordon Phinn:

Much can be gleaned from a Google search of my name.  Sure, it’s the obvious choice, but it’s unquestionably the quickest and easiest was to the heart of the matter.  My three published works, all on the afterlife, reincarnation and out of body experience, are listed in detail on www.amazon.com.  My home site is www.thewordofgord.com; my Youtube series is www.youtube.com/thewordofgord, and you already know what my blog home is .

Completed books now being circulated to potential publishers are:

(1) Confronting Your Immortality: essays drawn mainly form this blog

(2) Jesus And The Christ:  channeled messages from Maitreya and Jesus, many of which are read on my Youtube series

(3) The Scottish Psychic: Andrew From St. Andrews, a detective/thriller series, small excerpts of which can be viewed on my Facebook page.

The third part of my Afterlife trilogy, You Are History, following on from Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It(2004) and More Adventures in Eternity (2006) is currently under construction.

I reside in the small lakeside town of Oakville, quite near Toronto, in Canada.  From this base I offer al the psychic and spiritual services outlined on my wordofgord website.

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