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As I splayed myself on the beach this lovely autumn morning, adjusting my inner rhythms to the pleasing plash of tiny waves and feeling the benediction of a retreating October sun, I pondered the discussion I had recently heard on the radio as I was driving.  The author interviewed was using the metaphor of slavery to view our dependence on fossil fuels, particularly oil.  He compared the many labour saving tasks in which oil is either a manifest or hidden ingredient to the Roman citizen’s dependence on slaves to run their households, gardens, businesses and farms.  How, lazy, fat and incompetent it made them as they lost their empire to hordes of do-it-yourself types who could ride their own horse and wield their own sword.  It made me think of dishwashers and how I’ve never wanted one.  Of how dishwashing can be the most sublime and easily accessible meditation, and save you the price of a two week Buddhist retreat.

The author’s sincerity and thought provoking analysis were apparent, if somewhat shopworn after decades of hellfire and environmentalist preaching.  As is often the case, alternate methods of power generation were offered up: wind, solar, and the gamut of do-it-yourself-fat-boy options.  I did notice, however, that the carbon footprint metaphor had somehow slipped from prominence, and wondered, in my usual weeks-behind-the-buzzwords chump profile, if I’d missed something.  Perhaps Bono had declared it passe?

Continuing my part pagan sun worship, part Buddhist mindfulness meditation, I recalled all the internet available information on suppressed technologies and the taboo that leading thinkers in the alternative energies debate place upon them.  The world wide web being what it is, millions of people must have heard or read about this by now, and yet nary a mention is heard in the so called above ground media, or, for that matter, the self styled mainstream media critics.  Never, in my mind, has the elephant in the room been so huge and fart-emitting smelly.  And yet, caught up in the solar-versus-oil squabbles it is easy to ignore.

Let me check my many references before proceeding further.  Yes, he said hours later, there are many texts and videos online describing the various faster-than-light, fossil-fuel-free, cold-fusion-updates-and-variations, zero-point-gravity, direct-mind-technology-interfacing, structures-that-are-sentient-and-viably-organic, virtually-instant-teleportation, and on and on it goes.

There would seem to be two main reasons why all this is suppressed and ignored.  First, most of it was either given to us by friendly aliens or back engineered from their downed craft.  Second, it is thought, by those in the know, that shadowy elite who would manipulate our lives for their benefit while telling themselves it’s for the good of all, that the advent of even local fusion reactors in every home, heating and cooling with input-free ease would so upset the apple cart as to make their profit-frenzied world virtually unrecognizable, not to mention social unrest on a scale previously unimagined, as various aspects of societal infrastructures either collapse or morph dramatically.

Well I can sympathize.  Who in their right mind wants riots in the streets?  Even those Occupy junkies would rather get stoned and bang drums, I’m sure, if things were set to rights, as we used to say in simpler times.  And of course, say the proponents, the world would be set to rights if these technologies were set free like hot air balloons.  You give a cell phone to a third world mother, you install a well in a ravaged village, you make sure Home Depot has enough affordable home fusions reactors, and the next thing you know every man, woman and child has a fifty dollar multi-tasking iPad that can even communicate with that base on Mars that the covert operation whistle blowers have teleported to on numerous occasions.  And if everything goes according to plan, that’s the ancient one for mankind, not the shadowy elite’s powerwealth agenda, those cheap iPads will let you look and talk to the dead in their cool afterlife of choice, and not the hells religions would have them in.

Some might say, on reading the above, that I am better off lying on the beach in the autumn sun, at one with my thoughts and environment, than stirring you up with such laughably fantastical visions.  Let them choose their futures; I shall choose mine.