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As much as I respect and love the work contributed to humanity on this planet by the likes of Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and their illustrious colleagues, especially in those eras of spiritual darkness when the individual was beset by doubts and fears and oppressed by hierarchies determined to ensure his continued enslavement,  it seems that we have reached that phase in the planet’s evolution where the strength to stand alone and fearless, comfortable with our inalienable divinity, has arrived and secured itself to the roots of our being.

We need to move beyond acknowledgement and grasp this ideal with both hands and know that it is ours forever, regardless of those slowly evaporating shadows of control freak greed and deceit seemingly surrounding us on all sides.  Although the Emperor’s agents infiltrate and abound, we know that underneath all the subterfuge he really has no clothes and we can easily tell when he and his pals lie to us, which they do regularly and without shame.

Isn’t it interesting to see that as the spiritual light of knowingness increasingly floods the planet, the more the blobs of darkness scurry about ever busier with their cunning deceits?  I watch as they accumulate profits in back pockets, smirking to themselves, satisfied that our stupidity deserves their scorn.  I watch as they snipe and snarl in their luxurious splendor.

We know we are not them, and are thankful, but do we know who we are, now freed from the torments of ages past?  Creators of our reality sandwich and consumers of our daily lunch?  Sentient citizens of the ever shapeshifting multiverse, minding our own business, paddling our own canoe?  Well, something like that.

We used to need the succour of prophets and messiahs, supermen who’d latched on to their divinity and wouldn’t let go, who knew that today they would see us in heaven, because despite all appearances, we were already there.  They knew that the part here was a mere puppy on a leash, out for a romp in the afternoon sun.

Now we know that, and if we don’t know, we surely suspect.  Let’s turn that delightful suspicion into actual experience.  Let us awaken while we travel in sleep, let us see out dearly departed as smiles we just kissed moments ago in the paradise of our longing.  Let us join our messiahs in the measure of our divinity, and know that the game of life is us, that we are the angels we seek.