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A recent remark by a psychic colleague reminded me of how we, as mediums, often in communication with spirits, can seem uncaring to those we serve and those who may observe us in our service.  Our experience shows us that the departed are often close by and more than keen to communicate.  Our service shows us that the living so regularly permit grief to cloud their receptive abilities that an awful disconnect results, one which frustrates both sides of the equation.  The ‘dead’, trying ever so hard to let their loved ones know they are still around and sentient, and being denied, and the ‘living’, crying out for the sustenance of reassurance, and the very intensity of their need clouding their ability to so receive.  It’s all so tragic for us facilitators, watching it all go down and seeing how easily it could be fixed, we wind up just trying to bridge the gap with our not-always-perfect abilities.

To achieve these abilities, as we all have over the years, we needed to have not only the requisite psychic experiences, clairvoyant visions, clairaudient voices, lucid dreams, out of body experiences, but we also needed to develop the calmness necessary for clear perception.  Our years of communications, with their repetitions of reassurances and love, tend to make us more calm, with only the odd angry disputation, say between the abused living daughter and the dead abusing father, challenging its supremacy.

We, over the years, became cool. objective and serene.  We can’t help it really: we know the dead are still living and that most of them dwell contentedly in a paradise of their choosing, enjoying the new wonders all around, observing events ‘down below’ and awaiting the arrival of those dear to them.  And yet we realize that our serenity in the face of suffering can seem insensitive, callous even.

But it is, unavoidably, what comes with the territory.  When I see a grieving daughter, a woman of middle age, children grown and divorce settled, her face the mask of grief nobly borne, and then I see the deceased mother standing mere feet behind her, smiling that understanding smile, knowing that my reassurances are not enough, and that some other medium, a locally famous one for whom one has to wait a year for an appointment, will be the transmitter of relief, and that I, the bearer of grins and irreverent chuckles aimed at relieving the tension, will only then be understood by the one sipping disconsolately at my table, I know that I have not only found my niche but am nesting in it for the duration.

I employ these examples to show you, the seekers after wisdom and inner knowing, that this serenity can be striven for and achieved by employing your share of divinity, and allowing it to show you that you are connected to all levels of being by the telepathy that is your birthright, your gift from the consciousness which spawns all understanding.  You are linked to all beings, human, animal, plant and mineral, but you must have the courage to take that first step, out of your doubt and fear of ridicule, into open communication.  And once there, in that fearless light, hearing the life all about you, you will know the serenity I allude to.

It is yours for the taking, it awaits your arrival at the portal of knowing.