We move from day to day increasingly accustomed to ethnic and religious enmities exploding into merciless warfare around the globe.  Whether we are cognizant as individuals of the deep historical roots of specific tensions, we know from experience that they are most definitely there, somewhere buried amidst earlier stop-gap measures, earlier hopeful band-aid solutions.

Despite the many urgings towards forgiveness and tolerance, all nations, religions and ethnicities nurse ancient wounds and insults.  It is how we react to those wounds and insults that defines us.

Those of us who resolve, or attempt to resolve, our outstanding grievances with truth and reconciliation commissions and peaceful parliamentary reform tend to see ourselves as taking the high road atop a sea of swirling brutalities.  The relative truth of this observation can sometimes lead to a smug and self assured occupation of the moral high ground, an elevated niche we secured in earlier self-assured centuries, where we may very well have exaggerated existing tensions by colonialising and exploitative mercantilism whilst preoccupied with building our own various glorious empires and the shipping of civilization with our brand of redemption to the savage, but we’re all nice and reformed now, the bringers and bearers of light and tolerant love to those who require upbraiding from their once again primitive ways.

I find this post-empire rhetorical evangelism reflected in the attitudes of individuals composing those societies, particularly those who see themselves on some evolving spiritual path.  In tune with the amorphous new age movement and its more visible practitioners they have a marked tendency to assume that their own newly enlightened attitudes can and should be shared with others, others without the leisure and good fortune to be anything other than oppressed and embattled.

Platitudes such as “kindness is my religion”, “be the change you want to see in others” and ” You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your minds” are undoubtedly useful when applied honestly and without the self-deception so common to the aspirant, for they will open the heart chakra to knowing that one’s own shortcomings are most vividly reflected in what we despise in others, while delivering us to a more merciful and compassionate stance regarding their ignorance and their seeming inability to escape it.

But to expect the warring world to do an about turn at your newly minted passionate convictions is merely to commit a variation on that very traditional faux-pas contained in the rubric, “there are none so righteous as the newly reformed”.

The man who beats his wife, the women who honour kill the wayward daughter, the fanatics who stone adulterers, the holy warriors who stop at nothing to establish their earthly paradise and the high-tech forces who denounce, pervert and pulverize their efforts while securing geopolitical aims and the future of valuable resources, have, not surprisingly, their own agendas and ideological assumptions, which, when pressed, will defend them as absolutely necessary and divinely inspired.  Turns out that just about everyone thinks God wants them to do something special.  True enlightenment teaches that God has no truck with activities and agendas.  If anything God is the infinite and endless creativity of the moment.  All you can aspire to is merging with that second to second eruption of creativity and bathe yourself in the wonder of it all.  There is, actually, nothing to do other than be, be here now.

One of the main burdens of the individual enlightenment beyond the dictates of state and religion is the understanding that while you now know the real you is beyond form, thought, emotion and the built-in biases of ‘education’, the children of the world , whether murderous peasants or sleazy millionaires, have yet to reach that stage, as they are yet entranced by the seductive glamours of personality and culture, which show them paths to improvement and the seductions of redemptive action.  Their inspiration is partial and so ego- and culture-bound that your only viable choice is to humour them.

They see themselves as virtuous, honourable people trapped by oppressive circumstance.  They trust in their version of God, whether deity, political system or offshore bank account, to deliver them from the evil they fear.  They do not recall picking a birth that would potentially place them in such straits.  And unfortunately neither do most of the campaigners waving their placards of spiritual platitudes.  It’s the one-eyed in the land of the blind again.

We can, and will, move beyond this seeming stasis.  But it will take decades rather then months I suspect.  While within the new age community there is no shortage of rosy predictions channeled for our near future, combating the seemingly endless tides of gloomy apocalyptic dystopian visions promulgated in literature and film, those of us whose psychic projections seem to agree on great and positive changes cannot replicate results in the way our scientist friends would approve of, never mind mention in passing, and thus we continue to be relegated to the fringes.

And even if the suppressed technologies secreted by the elites, those of anti-gravity drives, zero point energy and the like, do come on line, say in the next decade, their much welcomed advances will not halt ethnic and religious conflict, for ignorance and prejudice has its own turbines and maintenance crews.  The dark spectres who oppose the natural flow of mankind’s evolution to cooperative brotherhood from the tower of babel chaos of myth and history, yet see themselves as having a job to do.

When their purpose will be fulfilled, or if you like exhausted, remains to be seen.  I don’t imagine even the ascended masters would put a timeline on that.