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I was listening to a cbc radio interview with a linguist who was something of a consultant for the alien contact movie “Arrival”, especially the life habits and attitudes that the Amy Adams character would display in such situations as the film dramatized. While the discussion was so fascinating that I could not step out of the car until it was over, I was bemused, once again, to hear the mainstream viewpoint, as cbc inevitably manifests, that alien cultures, should they exist at all, would be infinitely distant and hard to reach, and if we ever did, likely impossible to communicate with.

I touched on this theme in my earlier essay “Going To Mars vs. Being On Mars”, observing our seemingly schizophrenic culture, where the right hand completely ignores what the left hand is doing, as those with grand theories completely bypass those with actual experiences of the mysteries being penetrated.

Success in the mainstream, academic, media, political & legal is a function not only of talent, education and connections, but also one’s ability to intuitively ascertain the boundaries within which discourse is permitted. A number of people involved in journalism and academia have commented on how they picked up early on the issues that were not considered fit for open discussion, – conspiracies & cover-ups & alien agendas being two of the most prominent. If one wished to have one’s career advanced, however slowly, then one was wise to button one’s lip on such topics and default to major league sports and your latest ethnic food discovery. Thus the alternate parallel reality of endless government lying and obfuscation of scandalous and distinctly undemocratic issues, usually justified by the perps on some minor variation of the national security theme (strike up the band now please).

One of the issues governments lie about, when denial and ignoring falls flat, is the alien issue. The contacts, the abductions, the suppressed technology, all of it is swept under the rug, and that’s only when the existence of the rug is admitted. One of the aspects of the human/alien interaction process is that it is all conducted via telepathy. Aliens entities, regardless of race and appearance, and some of them are pretty out there, appear to plant thoughts, in the language of their victims, into the heads of the contactees and abductees. The use of vocal chords, moving lips and heard speech is at a minimum and yet effective communication is rarely a problem.  The aliens tell you what they want you to do, and through what seems like superior mental control and energetic manipulation, achieve their aims, stated and unstated, with ease.  Often, as we have heard from repeat victims, there is the low rent follow up by military/intelligence operatives, who seem to have mastered the basic techniques of removal and examination and are keen to repeat the disorienting experience to bulk out their own files and keep that unacknowledged access budget right up there.

You proceed to the ship, undergo examination and sometimes indoctrination, give of yourself, – dna, sperm and ova being the popular choices – and then are returned to your bedroom/ car/back garden with most of your memory wiped and your dignity and stability in shreds.  Past life resonances might be the rape and pillage of your village by Viking types or the press-ganged into the navy scenario, but I suggest that only in passing.

Now the film Arrival achieves much of its dramatic tension in portraying the efforts and disagreements among personnel over the aliens’ whale-like vocalisings and their hieroglyphic-style written language.  Communication of sorts is finally achieved and a somewhat magical way of perceiving our lives and the time-space continuum they occupy is achieved.  The beings have inspired us and moved us up a notch or two in the evolutionary spiral, forcing us to pool our efforts for the achievement while hinting that such collaborative ventures will help move us more comfortably into the galactic community, as our very own laggards insist on limping about blowing each other up.

All of which is most welcome as stimulating ideas on our cultural road and entertainment universe, despite the fact that none of it could be rolled out if the telepathic function was recognized as the universal language it is.  And, as an afterthought, let me add that both psychic mediums and animal communicators will tell you that telepathy is the line of communication between us and the human dead and animals of all species.  And as a practitioner I would say “Hey join the freakshow and have some fun.”