Communications from the astral plane always stress the creative power of thought, ranging from the unconscious streams confusing the recent arrival, causing them to flip from one scene to another as ghosts touring memories, sometimes flushed out by the cares of those they left behind and others fuelled by regrets, desires and vague anxieties bubbling to the surface, to the curious onlooker now settled to the post-mortem state who has been told that they can think little things into existence, -twigs, buttons, spoons – to the longtime resident who has refined the technique and can execute watercolours with the tip of her finger, construct elaborate furniture without hammer, saw or screw, design a room’s interior with all flourishes and details in place, and then replace it all with another style the very next day.

And by the time a spirit can attach the longtime resident label to themselves they have likely heard, if not in fact witnessed, the magical construction of some elaborate institution such as a school, museum or plaza by a group of dead architects working in consort, that is by linking their minds and focusing their plans.  And others will have been informed that the astral communities and landscapes in which they live and have their being were created long ago by higher spirits who were up to the task and saw the need.

Some communicators will point out that that power of conception in human minds, coupled with practicality and determination, is what brings forms into manifestation here on earth and thus it is the power of thought, in the guise of imagination, that ushers anything into manifestation, on any plane.  To this I would add that the spirit planes were designed and manifested by those of us who’d volunteered for the project while the physical plane was yet unfit for habitation and we lived there quite contentedly as happy puppies in paradise until the earth was ready for some primitive frontier exploration.

The imagination, thought and implementation so far discussed are all tools that consciousness creates and then uses to explore the farther regions of its very own self.  As people joke that God created fingers and opposable thumbs that we might be more useful to ourselves, so too does consciousness create the implements it requires for specific tasks.  We are useful implements just as planets are useful testing grounds and spirit worlds happy playgrounds.