At some point on our treks through the valleys and mountain paths crisscrossing the intriguing remains of mystical and esoteric teachings that come down to us from ancient times, many of which managed to survive repression by mainstream religions to be modernized by twentieth century teachers and facilitators into conveniently updated Zen, Vedanta, Magick, Sufism and the like, we come across references to the White Brotherhood, the Secret Chiefs, the Ascended Masters.   Upon examination they turn out to be different labels for different traditions, all of which point to the notion that souls who graduate from the reincarnation cycle with enough of the quiet confidence that humility can provide, and are ready to serve, can and have, participate in the spiritual guidance of humanity.

     Many of them, on their last few laps around the incarnation track, have already served as assistants to the masters, disciples assigned various tasks, as the masters themselves would seem to be fully occupied with guiding the developments in all fields of human endeavour, not to mention all forms of sentient beings on the planet.  Sometimes I have the hunch that “I” get to sub in for various of these ‘trainees’ from time to time and that my participation is being monitored and noted.  I would suggest that some, if not many of you reading this, are also slowly being inducted to the team:  those rescues and talks that bubble up in the misty remembrances of your lucids and obe’s are more than imaginative fantasies.  If you can handle certain tasks than maybe you can handle others.  By handle I mean something like focused calm and not the giddy excitement or emotional outburst that might send you spiraling back to a sleeping body.

     Some of the “masters” are figures familiar from the various world mythologies and religions and others are more anonymous.  It hardly matters as when they come to that stage of their earthly careers names, labels and venerable traditions are subsumed to the task at hand.  And although you may see the term hierarchy employed from time to time, it is essentially a brotherhood, a brotherhood of all genders that seeks, as you may have heard, co-creators and not devotees.  We are all upping our game apparently.

     There is, not surprisingly, both an up and a down side to naming these masters.  Hero worship and the heckling of sceptics for example.  The Theosophical tradition has names for many, Koot Hoomi, St Germain and the like.  The one who took on Alice Bailey for all his channeled teachings, preferred to call himself the Tibetan, and described himself as an elder brother somewhat farther along the path than the rest of us.   The teachings are deep and wide, but I would recommend dipping in with the first, from 1922, Initiation Human and Solar.

     My own contacts surfaced sometime around 2006/7, when I felt the presence of Maitreya and then Jesus, both of whom seemed to have me as their secretary for a while.  These talks, perceived telepathically and typed in a coffee shop on my morning break between work shifts were compiled into a small book Jesus and the Christ.  As we are defining ourselves as escapees from religions encrusted with dogmas and damnation in search of the spiritual freedom that true knowledge brings, I think it is appropriate to see some of the following quotes.

     In “Why Religions Are Created” Maitreya states that the brotherhood is “deeply concerned with the guidance of the religious impulse in humanity” and that as some of them “have watched the entire process of evolution on the planet” they are only too “aware of the challenges and pitfalls” involved.

     Whether it is “primitive man convinced he must placate an angry, vengeful deity with the blood of innocents, or the citizen subjected to the power mongering of priesthoods defending their turf against all comers, or the modern atheist taking refuge in blatant and sardonic humour, or the humanists who bravely create ethical systems of behaviour independent of the illusion of supervising creator deities, we are prepared to work with whatever baggage they bring to the table.”

     He continues, “Religions are planned and brought into being by various members of the brotherhood acting as prophets and messiahs.  Each prophet is, as you say, the frontman for a behind-the-scenes organization planning and directing the enterprise, usually, but not always, from the spirit planes.  In this planning the evolutionary stage of each tribe and society affected is carefully taken into consideration.  Those who are to be lifted up are prudently assessed for their fears, prejudices and tractability.  Whatever belief system enraptures them is used as a platform from which to launch a more enlightened worldview.”

     He then admits that “the relative success of these efforts is not only a great challenge to engineer, but also exceedingly difficult to ascertain in the short term.  Sometimes centuries are required before the prospects of achievement can be realistically measured, and even then societies are in such flux, with contradictory impulses playing out their effects in all fields of endeavour, we can only continue in trust rather than firm knowledge.  Human frailty and blindness, aided and abetted by the dark brothers opposing the gradual liberation of the evolutionary impulse, can mire us in apparent futility if we but falter in our efforts for a moment.”

     Note the ‘dark brothers’ reference: these rebel angels are as necessary to the unfolding of the plan as are our shepherds and inspirers.  He continues: “The conflict, seemingly endless from your viewpoint, between the belief systems and their claims of exclusivity, was of course, anticipated by us and factored into our planning.  While we always strive to encourage resolution and synthesis between opposing viewpoints, the dark brothers always fuel the drives to self-righteousness, prideful ambition and power lust.  Together we provide an amply supply for all man’s growth potential.”  The point is further elaborated by “Thus all the paths which unfold before his desire and aspiration are sustained by our efforts, while the principle of free will enshrined in the original planetary enterprise is upheld without question for as along as the illusion of time requires sustaining.” 

     Although there are more talks on the dark brothers and their functions they are too long to quote here, but I cannot resist a couple of paragraphs from Maitreya’s talk on “Atheism and Fanaticism”.

     “The expressions known as atheism and fanaticism have existed on the planet, in one form or another, for millennia.  Ignorant and anxious men have always gathered to seek sustenance from mere numbers, whatever their shade of faith or doubt.  The desire to shout one’s belief from the rooftops  and force it on others has never been far from center stage.  In the modern world, the twin thrusts of absolute denial of any divinity but the ingenious mind of man and the determined insistence on literal interpretation of ancient sacred texts constantly vie for control of, if not the world, then at least their market share of interested subscribers.”    

     “The masters are well aware of these trends and take them into account in all our encouraging and moderating activities.  They are, of course, twin expressions of the same impulse, translated by astral bodies easily susceptible to overexcitement, and require much the same treatment, which might be termed ‘moderation in devotion’.    The planet, and indeed the solar system, is large enough to encompass and nurture all points of view without placing any in the shade.”


     Even in such snippets the patient wisdom of these ‘masters’ can be seen and considered at ease. Theirs is the long view of the evolution of spirit and form, the expansion of sentience past known boundaries to that space where all is perceived and understood without the compulsion to excitedly share.  Guides, teachers and angels all help us along the various journeys we have adjudged worthwhile, but the consciousness of the masters is more than likely where we shall end up.  One day, one moment, one breath.