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I strongly suspect that every religion and metaphysical worldview has its version of the Mysteries, but the ones which have trickled down to us are those of Egypt and Greece.  The mystery schools of those ancient cultures are the template for those who would thusly explore today, regardless of modality or affiliation.

In the Grecian mystery schools, as recalled in clairvoyant perception by Charles Leadbeater, the Lesser Mysteries taught, through the medium of theatrical representation, the results, upon the astral plane, of certain lifestyles and habits forged here on earth.  Others researchers, knowing of the repeated mentions of a libation called Kykeon provided to the participants, suspect it contained some type of ergot or psychedelic mushroom to liberate their imaginations and etheric vision so they might at least glimpse the spirit beings and angels mixing in with the human performers.  Although the details of the Lesser Mysteries were forbidden to outsiders, knowledge of one’s attendance at the performances was not, so mentions in various writings of the time give us a fair idea of how many thousands might have attended over the decades, not to mention the seemingly unassailable fact that the Eleusian Mysteries, perhaps the best attended, continued for nigh on a thousand years.

Of the Greater Mysteries, less is known but much can be surmised, despite Leadbeater’s reluctance to say much more than knowledge of the mental plane was given to those deemed ready for such training.  Before I pass on to the modern day, It should be noted that mystery schools, although rigorously suppressed for centuries, never entirely disappeared.  Basically they went underground until it was safe to resurface, the 16th century Rosicrucian Manifestos being the first public wave of the flag.  The determined aspirant could always find the path, as the tales of pilgrims seeking alchemists and kabbalists attest.

The teaching of the Lesser Mysteries is unapologetically out in the open today, with so many thousands of psychics and mediums communicating with the deceased that almost everyone, even the skeptics, know the basic truths.  That there’s many kinds of afterlives and as many types of people to populate them.  That every religion and ethnicity is there, somewhere.  That some are less well adjusted than others.  That many are rueful and remorseful.  That most are reunited with their loved ones and pets.  That there is plenty to do and learn, and that it is a whole lot of fun.  And although millions of religionists will publicly aver that only their brand of believer is guaranteed a spot on the right hand of the righteous, I suspect their doubts are much stronger that they would ever admit, for education and travel have undermined their willful ignorance.  And the ancient principle of karma is so widely bandied about these days, it flutters about on the wings of gossip like some giddy butterfly.  As we joke, they used to hang you for having this much fun.

As a teacher and facilitator I convey the teachings of the Lesser Mysteries on a regular basis.  For clients I explain how the afterlife actually works, its procedures and mechanisms, its landscapes, societies and shifting populations.  I telepath to their dearly departed and their pets, returning information along that rainbow bridge of love.  I engage ghosts on their own turf and encourage their imminent relocation.  I confront mischievous and harassing entities, sometimes like a street corner tough, and demand that they quit their low down ways and leave their unconscious hosts alone to pursue their life paths.  I facilitate the accession of past lives which allows the clients to broaden and deepen their understanding of the who behind who they are.  They come to know that many actors take a part in their play through time and that each contribution, however praiseworthy or disreputable by conventional standards, is a step towards completion.

And while that completion of the incarnational cycle is the immediate goal we’re all striving for, it is far from the whole picture.  The Greater Mysteries revolve around our multidimensional nature, one aspect of which is our source in formless divinity.  At that level we can best be described as omnipresent, omniscient clouds of light which gather themselves for the experience of limitation in whatever corner of the universe offers useful parameters for the next stage of our self-exploration.  Ultimately we are not human, nor are we non-human.  We are not aliens, or helpless spawns of the Annunaki, as some would have it.  We are not any form we find ourselves in.  We are always passing through, picking up tips and tricks of the trade along the way.  We are no more limited than light itself.  It would not be a stretch,  at least as far as this upstart nobody is concerned, to say we are nothing going nowhere, for between our adventures in form and space, where we act and react and retain the resulting data, we resume our focus in that ocean of light that some call the radiant void, where being has no beginning, no purpose, no events and no end.

Or course all this is forgotten as we birth ourselves into humanity, picking families and nations in which to practice.  Practice what?  Whatever is left on our ‘to do’ list for life on earth.  We slowly become our issues and challenges, – the ambitious lawyer, the controlling mother, the testosterone crazy, the spoiled princess, the crusty old codger, – our identification so overwhelming that we cannot believe we are anything but.  But we are:  we are astral humans when asleep, flying about the neighbourhood, and then the planet, and then the almost endless planes of spirit.  We are shape-shifters there, or at least can be, if we give up our attachment to being vibrant and youthfully attractive.  We are orbs when we wish; we can, as I have discovered when obe, divide up quite easily into three or four and harry each other playfully like butterflies.  We can, as one of the ‘dead’, move from our human communities in the paradise worlds, where all is love and joy and pleasure, ascend in vibration and become formless, amazing our friends still in form.

There are many accounts, in the afterlife literature, of recent arrivals in spirit, still stunned at the miraculous beauty of their new life and lovely youthful bodies, being told that really we do not need bodies at all, and that those who have migrated to higher planes do not feel the need for them.  There are also many references to several aspects of the same soul existing on the various planes of spirit.  These aspects, which seem to include an angelic being that some call your ‘solar angel’, are created by the Monad (higher self) at the moment of ‘your’ inception, when the idea for your physical birth becomes a done deal.  These aspects seem completely free to operate as they wish, and when “I” have met them they seem mighty amused at my surprise.  On occasion they are mirror images of “Gordon” but mostly they appear as some enigmatically charming other.

Whereas religions would have us redeemed by god’s love from our sinful state and transformed into discrete beings of transcendent stature, the Greater Mysteries reveal that ultimately we are not anything that can be successfully categorized or described.  The limitless consciousness of which we are a part, a fully independent and functioning part, is the very fabric from which all manifestation is produced.  How the unmanifest becomes the manifest, emerging and disappearing every micro-second, continues to be not only an endless enigma but also the very core of our being/non-being.  We are living exemplars of the Greater Mysteries, and as such are the very essence of what we are trying to uncover.

And when we recover our eternal identities as nothing going nowhere, it can come as a bit of a shock, first of all to us, as we used to define ourselves, and then to others, who, despite efforts at conscious expansion, are still running on the old assumptions of personalities-to-be-perfected.  So be careful who you tell.  Being nothing going nowhere isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.  You may never eat lunch in that town again.