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More and more these days we seem hear news items and discussions exposing the culture of rape in war, in the military, in dance clubs and college campuses.  I read a review just this morning of a new documentary on the ugly phenomenon amongst fraternities on college campuses in America, where young people, mostly women but also men, speak of their stress disorders, trashed lives and cynical and unbelieving administrators.

We already know of the long and twisted legend of date rape drugs slipped into drinks, the Bill Cosby’s of this world and the legacies of ruin in the wake of their seedy and demoralizing triumphs. Perhaps as all this bubbles to the surface to be exposed to the light of inquiry and justice, along with its dark cousin, the sexual abuse of children in institutions both religious and secular, we can look forward to a new epoch of sexual equality and spontaneous kindness no longer enforced by the law and threat of retribution. And perhaps we’re dreaming in colour.

But what I can tell you from my experience as a spiritual healer, stretching back these past twenty years, in this incarnation at least, is that as I allow my hands to roam across the client’s arms, legs, neck, shoulders, back and hips, they uncover many wounds from past lives, mostly lingering in the astral body, as it has an energetic template which does not recognize the passage of time, and can hold the psychic imprints of wounds from hundreds and thousands of years ago, and the most common of those is the scar of rape around the hips. Although it must be quickly added that the trauma of difficult childbirth, often resulting in death, holds an equal power. Everyone, without fail, has them.

There are several purposes being fulfilled during such hands-on full body healing, but one is the removal of those lasting scars around the hips, those remnants of rape and childbirth gone horribly wrong over the centuries.  Other energetic scars, such as the knife in the back and the axe to the shoulder blades, are also dealt with.  The ascension, however you see it detailed, can be more easily accomplished when such lingering reminders quit functioning as anchors to old victim trauma.  The pride, wilfulness and self-glorification from old violent victories, just as prevalent in most souls, are less like scars and more like balloons in the solar plexus chakra, balloons that really need to be raised vibrationally to the heart chakra and burst by the love which lives there.  In both these cases a healer’s hands can operate like energetic vacuum cleaners sucking out the no-longer useful and replacing it with light.

The psychology behind imposition of power and ability to humiliate is, by this point, fairly obvious to us all, and not really my concern here.  But behaviour patterns and the learning we can make from our previous addiction to their attractions and seeming advantages are a big part of our core learning as we dip in and out of this earth system, and making them conscious tools of our evolution, most certainly are.

Forced sexual activity is a subset of all activity compelled from without and relates directly to our ability to navigate  the tricky and often turbulent waters of relationships in the broadest sense, that is between self and other.  The self that seems unique and separate from every other unique and separate being in our world.  When we exercise power with confidence we feel triumphant, as we have just graduated from feeling the passive recipient of power exercised on us, which was usually less than pleasant.  But when we exercise power with compassion we feel empowered in a much more mysterious fashion, and we can begin to see what a multifaceted diamond the energy of power can be.

Rape is one of the ugliest manifestations of the imposition of power, and surely torture is another.  That we often hear of them in rapid succession in the modern world is no coincidence.  We are, as a planet so continuously connected, experiencing much together.  Hermitage, in either its rural or urban manifestations, can secure a temporary release from these pressures, but most of us choose otherwise, and we can almost effortlessly live, switch or click, with the tragedies of others.  The powerlessness we feel at those sufferings is yet another lesson in our ongoing tussle with power and its manifestations.  And the excess of hopeless sadness which results can often lead to the irreparable melancholy that drives some to suicide and others to the despairing cynicism often curled inside frantic religiosity and materialist accumulations.

Neither God not the baubles of wealth can keep you from the despair that lurks behind pleasure indulgence and fervent hope.  Only an understanding, that goes beyond the intellect to the spirit, that we are perfect beings beyond all attempts to strip us of our innate divinity, beings who do not need the exercise of power or the suffering that later results from its misuse, can preserve the sanity and serenity we feel when watching, say, the twilight streetscape with its souls shaped to fashion enjoying the long shadows which will lead them to an evening followed by the sleep of the blessed, which we all most surely are, despite the wounds vibrating on our astral bodies.