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Following up on the Charleston shooting narrative today (June 21st) I see Dylann Roof had something of an online manifesto, something The Star reporter Michelle Shephard described as a “tirade against Black, Jewish and Hispanic people” with a call for an uprising, – “It is far from being too late for America or Europe. I believe that even if we made up only 30% of the population, we could take it back completely. But by no means should we wait any longer to take drastic action.” Shephard also referenced the Norway shooter Anders Brevik, whose manifesto stretched to over 1,500 pages apparently, – “The truth needs to come out. We are in the very beginning of a very bloody cultural war, a war between nationalism and internationalism and we intend to win it.”

Both these rants underline the central struggle of the modern age, and by that I mean approximately the last century, with the collapse of empires into their component parts after WW1, the exhaustion of much holier-than-thou national pride in both world wars, bringing about a peacefully unified Europe and so much immigration from all parts of the globe to the wealthier first world countries, where the many races, ethnicities and cultures can share each others’ foods, fashions, traditions and religions, slowly intermarrying as the new generations come online to be educated and entertained together.

A small but telling example of this was given in today’s Star (June 22nd., by Eric Andre-Gee).  Speaking of the longest dawn-to-dusk hours (17) for Ramadan, the piece quoted Khalil Khalilov, “from a family of Crimean Tatars, immigrated to Canada from Ukraine on 2007.  Now their Ramadan celebrations incorporate Toronto’s multiculturalism.  On Friday, most of their guests were Turkish, and they have eaten Iftar dinners with non-Muslim Ukrainians since arriving here. ‘You don’t have any obstacles to communicate with each other.  It’s a great thing we have in Canada,’ said Alie Khalilov, his mother.  ‘Here, we realize that we’re all human beings’ said Khalil.”

In every evolutionary leap there are the sprinters and the laggards, those who are ready and those who are not, and it’s plain where those shooters belong.
Somehow, in earlier incarnations, after perhaps centuries of rivalry and warfare, they made it out of whatever tribes they identified with and into some multi-tribal collective nationality and slowly became comfortable with that identification. Perhaps as souls they resisted every step of the way, having to be dragged kicking and fighting every inch, but they made it as Americans and Norwegians. Obviously at every stage of our advancement there is the possibility of our comfort zone becoming rigid with fear and status preservation. Our natural fluidity of being, flowing out from soul, can easily be compromised in poisonous, prison-like atmospheres of family, religion and left-over tribalism.

The internationalism we glimpse on the horizon is real and unavoidable, the only variable is how long it will take. As we look around the globe we can see how in many areas the project appears to have stalled. Internecine rivalries and ruthless civil wars around every corner, with first world nations mouthing the right sentiments politically and diplomatically while undermining their noble sentiments with endless destabilizing covert action to maintain useful levels of chaos and benefit corporate profit margins.

It is easy to grow depressed when looking around at the apparent failure of the evolutionary project that I would call the brotherhood of man. To paraphrase Dante, in the middle of this life we find ourselves in a dark wood, seemingly lost and befuddled. But the project is ongoing and endless. Slowly and quickly are merely ways to describe our very partial perceptions.

Standing on the mountains of spirit, either in this world or the next, we can see completion drawing ever nearer. Certainly by the ‘time’ of our next incarnations, which for many of us will be around 2115/35, the new race of Earth will have been more successfully blended from the nationalities showing a strong inclination to happily mix now. And yes, some of those alien human hybrids that the various researchers continue to inform us of will be part of that.

And despite the dire warnings of folks like David Jacobs, they will not be using their superior psychic powers to run the show, as our unconditional love for them, powered with our expanded heart chakras, which is really what they’ve been after all along whether they know it or not, will humanize them in a way neither they nor their manager/progenitors have anticipated. The power of our heart chakras is actually what will win the day on all fronts, but as they are so unfamiliar with the energy, they are virtually clueless as to its potential, they only see its shadow, the fanatical protection of our young in the nest and our warlike ways, both of which are functions of the heart chakra. Our intentions and actions in this life go a long way to forming the energetic patterns of the next, individually and culturally.
The brotherhood of mankind, incorporating all genders, races and religions, is, amongst other things, a cherished project of the ascended masters, one of whom is Maitreya, whom I’ve quoted on many occasions, and when I get a touch tired of all the hassles and cruelties myself, it is he to whom I turn, either he or his earlier incarnation as Jesus, and it is the beams of love and understanding coming from their lighthouses in spirit that regularly re-inspire me. Some aspect of their being was fleetingly present as I wrote this, and I thank them for the momentary blessing.

Note: As synchronicity, in its immaculate magic, would have it, mere hours after finishing the above, I was doing some unconnected pleasure reading, namely the biography of C.K. Scott Moncrieff, the original, and some still reckon, the best, English translator of Marcel Proust’s iconic classic, A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu, when I came across the following in a chapter detailing his schooling at the ancient seat of learning in Winchester:- “In Winchester in 802 Ecgberht was crowned king of all England and issued his famous edict, abolishing tribal distinctions and decreeing that all within the one nation should be known by one name, English.”  Note the date.