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Shortly after reading, in the Guardian Weekly, about the active volcano on Montserrat, covering the town of Plymouth in layers of ash, burying it like “a  modern Pompeii slowly being reclaimed by the mountain, and hearing of one Cecil Wade who, while pointing at the Soufriere Hills volcano, still smoking, said ‘That is the devil, man, that is Satan at work’ while the faint smell of sulphur still hung in the air”,  I listened to an interview with an Inuit man who, when asked about his feelings on knowing that the bones of some Inuits who joined a traveling zoo around 1880 and wound up in Europe being displayed and studied and then dying in France, from small pox I believe, were to be repatriated to their home turf, burst into uncontrollable sobbing for some moments before being able to put some words to his reaction.

As far as I could gather this was based on a version of tribal loyalty and devotion to ancestors, and as such, reminded me forcefully of just how many souls on Earth remain enthralled by such illusions, illusions that need to be exploded before the individual can expand into their real heritage of spirit swimming through many forms to reach that far shore of enlightenment dimly viewed through the waves and rapids thrust in our path.  Tribes, nations, families, ancestors and religions are mere encumbrances when the soul shakes loose from its egg of inhibitions to find that it is as free as any angel, cloud or neutrino in this continuum of vibrations supporting any level of manifestation imaginable.

Obsession with physical remains is but one of many emotion laden illusions we must unhook from our energy systems should we wish to float ever more freely among the high vibrations of transcendent knowing, where doubt has been completely dissolved, and fear and anxiety forgotten.  Many other relics of our childhood in righteousness, so passionately argued and fiercely defended when threatened in the public theatre of debate, will fall away of their own accord when we forget to rebuild the walls of our forts as they crumble into disrepair, but some will cling tenaciously and must be determinedly flung from our sacred raft of habits and attitudes if that much desired 360 degree vision is to be achieved and then maintained without obstacles.

Certainly our understanding of soul evolution derived from past and between-life regression, though far greater than say, 30/40 years ago, is yet limited by the large majority of reports coming from the well-off, leisure bound and educated individuals of the West, most of whom have already embarked on their own voyage of inner discovery, leaving behind those inhibiting harbours of race, religion and family.

Unfortunately we do not yet know very much about younger souls who are as yet firmly attached to the myths spun by tribe, family, shaman, religion, consumerism and materialism. Some regressions include comments and observations on the sort of headstrong, prideful, foolish choices made when the experiencer was a much younger soul, beset by passion and blind ambition, and refusing the counsel of guides, and these are helpful clues, leading us to assume, perhaps with semi-conscious memories of our own youthful foolishness, a bigger picture of adolescents spinning out of control, half the time for the sheer joy of giddy spinning, and coming to grief on the rocks of whatever historical realities shoved them rudely back into the small pond prescribed by political and religious authorities.

What I have learned, both from the accumulated research and my own self-examination (the sort of thing that roams the astral and reaches out to Higher Self) is that as soul power is built, through the challenges and dismal failures of ‘earlier’ incarnations, it slowly acquires the inner strength to shuck off the demands of family, tribe and religion, but also the threats from environment and predators of all sizes, including viruses. It survives plagues, wars and family squabbles because it has acquired the cunning to avoid such alluring traps and explore the mysteries unencumbered.