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When I say that problems and their solutions, like every polarity going, arise simultaneously out of the the void (or unmanifest), I am not only going all zen on you, I am considering very real issues in this ever so real world of suffering and deceit

Watching Jeremy Scahill’s Oscar nominated documentary from 2013, Dirty Wars, about his journalistic tracking of the then unacknowledged night time commando raids and drone targeted assassinations, beginning in Iraq and Afghanistan and then spreading almost anywhere in the Middle East and Africa where any brand of Al Quaeda affiliate seemed to be operating, I see the various righteous defenders of JSOC, with its White House supported mission and their equally righteous operatives citing the military efficiency of such missions as their ultimate justification, while critics like Scahill, Greenwald, Snowden, Michael Moore and Democracy Now! assume the high moral ground of their outrage, I see problems and their solutions (or at least the light which exposes the issue) arising out of the unmanifest into the world of battling egos and ideologies.  And yes, it is refining the old ‘cops and robber chasing each other in circles’ cartoon tarted up for metaphysics.  The good guys and bad guys always dance to tunes the universe has prepared in advance, leasing them out century by century.

The worlds of contemplation and action, despite gulfs of misperception, are always joined at the hip.  And as all souls who have traversed such ideological battlegrounds in previous turns of the wheel and found ourselves at the far end of the turmoil, dressing our wounds and admitting defeat at whatever brand of fate seemed appropriate, we can only watch compassionately, sadly, and perhaps bemusedly, as the impassioned dramas unfold in new guises.