Mainly because of the media, both traditional and digital, we are almost constantly assaulted by waves of scandal, tragedy and injustice, over which we feel compelled to have opinions, if only to join in the general hubbub of excitement repeatedly manufactured and regenerated by activists and professional opinion makers.

The perceived (and no doubt real in many cases) mistreatment of indigenous peoples across the planet by the warriors of colonialism and their progeny, somewhat but not completely domesticated by democracy, has been, for some time now, one of the more pressing issues headlined and debated.

As always in this essay series I shall bring forward the evolution-through-reincarnation viewpoint to counteract what I consider to be the short sighted and unproductive politically correct view shared by both victims and perpetrators.

Let me be clear: Injustices in society, whether ruthlessly conscious in their operation or submerged in more primitive cultural norms of their day should be recognized and readjusted under either current moral imperatives and/or the law of the land.  But there are other evolutionary forces at play in these culture clashes, where temporary technological superiority won the day and imposed its terms.

One of them is the tide, all but invisible, which makes individuals so uncomfortable and frustrated within the oppressed, and perhaps nearly destroyed, tribe, that they become determined to ditch the family and tribal loyalties which have so far ensured their rut of regular return and seek a berth in the incarnational stream of the much hated victors.  It’s the principle of walking a mile in another man’s shoes to understand him applied on another level.

Clinging righteously and pridefully to one’s current tribe or nation as it rises and falls in the whimsical fortunes of fate, only limits the soul’s experience and potential, but the allure of belonging to a proud tradition guided by ancestors, where’s one’s place seems assured, is so tempting that many souls sign on for so many repeat performances that other theaters are effectively thwarted.  That is, until violent upheaval, forced relocation or engineered famine triggers a discontent so deep it cannot be denied, and one’s guides heave a sigh of relief as you finally see the light of the endless variety various forms, cultures and geographical locations can bring.

While I recognize that souls currently undergoing cultural repression, and perhaps even genocide, are not in the leisured position to appreciate such arguments, at least not until they pass into spirit and have the “time” to so ponder, those of us who may be luxuriating in the righteousness of cultural guilt over past misdeeds and present inequalities, should take a step back and consider the bigger picture.

The tides of evolution, pushing both form and spirit, may bluster us about like helpless autumn leaves on their way to some comfortless winter, but we are not actually those leaves failing to outlast their season, we are radiant ghosts riding those leaves who have momentarily forgotten how to evacuate our vehicles.