That’s a phrase that Terence McKenna uses in one, and perhaps several of his talks, thankfully recorded and now easily available online, when referencing “the flash” on DMT, perhaps no more than two minutes long, and wondering just how much could be gained if it were somehow stretched to, say 30 minutes, and one could be the carrier of “bringing something back to enrich the culture/impress one’s friends.”

Such the bane of experiencers of mystical states throughout recorded history, regardless of the stimulus,  –  natural, chemical, ritualised, magical, and so on.  Let me paraphrase St. Paul, – ‘I knew man in Christ who was suddenly caught up into the third heaven and saw things there of which he could not speak’.  I see also from watching some of the more recent talks and interviews with researcher James Fadiman, this notion of discovering the unknown/forgotten/repressed on the other side and ‘bringing it back’ for the reassurance of others is still very prominent in psychedelic research.  One Fadiman interviewer commented, in a sudden excited spurt, “maybe there is an afterlife after all”.

Such hopes, often expressed in their fields of endeavour, seem to show up the speaker’s lack of knowledge of spiritualistic communications and consciousness explorations out-of-body.  Those of us who thus engage in either of these fields know that such hopes have long been transcended as the big picture of the spirit worlds and our constant shuffling back and forth between them and “here” has become the new normal.  We have been, one way or another, suddenly caught up into one or other of the heavens and saw things there of which we slowly learned to speak.

Once the line of doubt has been erased by personal experience there is only the gradual increase in knowledge of the details, of which there are, perhaps not surprisingly, many.  Like life here, these details fill in the blanks.  Blanks such as, –

(1) Who survives…Everyone;

(2) Is there enough space for millions…Yes;

(3) Does organised religion run the show…In some areas yes, in others, no;

(4)  Are my favoured prophets resident and active…Yes;

(5)  Is anyone or any group excluded…No;

(6)  Does hell exist….Yes, various forms of it, some mild some intense;

(7) How do I avoid it…By being self-forgiving and loving of others;

(8)  Is there judgement…Yes, usually by the self of the self, although there are others who will take on the role if you have a need for it.  Self-judgement can often be harsh and repressive, whereas the advisory councils and serve the aspiring soul can often be precisely observant and remarkably helpful;

(9)  Are humanists, atheists and criminals catered to…Yes, none are barred from entry;

(10) Can one choose where and who to live with….Yes.  If there are pressures and expectations from family/church/society it is only because the individual allows them, continuing the habit from life here;

(11) Do we return for more lives and if so why…yes, because gaining a well rounded education in earthlife takes repeated exposures to perfect responses to challenges and shape the transcendence of suffering;

(12) Are celebrities and culture heros around to inspire and entertain…Yes, even the ones from the far past, like say, Michaelangelo, leave a functioning facsimile(s) of themselves to interact with their fans once they have returned for other lives with different names and personalities.  High achievers from all fields are similarly there for access and many of them continue their work and try to inspire those still on earth with plans, equations, music, art and inventions;

(13) What does it look and feel like…Take the most impressive and beautiful landscapes, communities and architecture from here and multiply their beauty one hundred percent and you can come close to the breathtaking creations of the spirit worlds;

(14) Why are we here…To experience as much as possible in many lives and perfect our character and then graduate;

(15) Is there a god, or gods…Yes, but they turn out to be evolving sentient beings like ourselves, albeit with a bit more understanding of their inherent divinity than the average dead person getting accustomed to the miracle of it all;

(16)  Are the glimpses of other worlds and beings acheived through the various psychedelics real…Yes, there is ample space in the various levels of spirit to accomodate all sentient beings of non-human form who wish to exist and inspire or mystify us as we pass through their territories.  We can exist at their seemingly miraculous level but we have to realign our supposed natures to successfully inhabit those strange and rascally divine clowns;

(17) Why are tragedy and suffering so common…Because (a) we are addicted to their energies and (b), we chose to learn from them eons ago and (c), it contrasts to the spirit worlds where we learn by pleasure and joy;

(18) Why do we forget all this stuff…Because it’s part of the game, the cosmic game of, as the song goes, “getting to know you, getting to know all about you”.

(19)  Are the alien beings visiting our planet real and what do they want…Real for sure and as about as defined by desire and ambition as we are…they desire to learn, to teach, to acquire, to love, but their expressions of such desire are varied and obscure to our way of thinking.  Like 19th century explorers of distant native cultures, we see them them as strange and not as civilised as we might prefer, but they are brothers in spirit, and like tigers, snakes and mosquitoes, to be treated with caution and respect.

(20) Are the learning curves you hint at endless…Yes…we move onward through our lives filling in the blanks with details that at first amaze and later seem quite natural.

The glimpses, “flashes”, afforded by psychedelics are thrilling mini- carnival rides catering to adventurous souls who like to have their self-imposed limitations blown apart by the shock waves of the impossibly new and revolutionary.  Other souls prefer a gradual, shock-free ascent to a more spiritual vision, one charmed by kindness, beauty of a more traditional nature, and the gentle embracing love of angels and prophets.  The ever-so-clever, endlessly self-transforming and chattering elves of DMT are but one path to the realisation of your own limitless divinity.  Spirit communication, consciousness projection are two others.  Faith on bended knee, cross-legged squatting,  weeks of silence, chanting, drumming and shamanic ecstasies are others.

Take your pick at your ease; our world is filled with paths, and although some lead through the valley of the shadow of death, where embracing evil is unavoidable, do so if you must, for all valleys come eventually to mountains, where the rugged ascent leads to a greater, inspiring vision of the trek you have just endured, and all the ice cream you pacified yourself with along the way.