Sure, you can focus on one or another of your incarnate personalities and, assuming whatever limitations their belief systems impose as unavoidable as their clothing and diet, see what challenges, ambitions, fears and desires decorate their realities, and in doing so, develop and sustain undertsanding and empathy for their positions on the path.

Also you can focus on your Higher Self, and gradually understand what it means to surrender to its oasis of pure consciousness, and in so merging, expand your perceived parameters of active capability into the much larger continent of creative ensoulment where many beings are activated by regular downloads of divinity.

In one you are a child in the school of learning, one of many students in the classroom and at recess.  In the other you become the school itself, sharing the shards of your expertise amongst the many while observing the varying ability in responding.

What is even more fascinating is that you can locate yourself beyond either of these destinations, the incarnate personality or the Higher Self/Monad, and see both for what they are, complete and yet ever unfolding, and that you consciously exist outside both, a star orbiting about both a planet and its population, some mysterious being as yet undefined in the cosmic game of Catch-Me-If-You-Can-And-When-You-Do-Describe-Me.