Often, after a few breakthroughs in that bumpy and mysterious ride on the illusion-busting journey to more knowledge and less faith and doubt, we indulge ourselves in spells of excitement, and that excitement not only powers the desire for more but also rides rough shod over the calm receptivity that gives the transcendence a place to settle and show you its wonders.  This excitement, this agitation of the astral body, has a similar clouding effect as does the grieving when a loved one departs.

     The latter is perhaps more common in my experience, perhaps due to the pleasure that accompanies the excitement as opposed to the isolating pain that grieving brings with it.  Although there is no reliable method to short circuiting the grieving period, it has to be lived through one way or another so that the purging of dark, low energies can be done and a modicum of psychological stability established.  I think this is generally recognized in the new age community and society in general, and certainly there are plenty of spirit communications which state quite plainly the difficulties of ‘getting through’ the grief and guilt of friends and family members, a frustration which usually leads to guides advising patience to the newly joyful.

     Well it is much the same with excitement here on earth.  Profound meditations, after maybe many ‘calm but dry’ months, the sudden appearance of lucidity in dreams, an unmistakable voice in the head, a brief vision of the departed smiling and perhaps waving, the hands of helpers tugging at one‘s shoulders, birds known to be messengers staring at you eyeball to eyeball, the plumbing or electrical systems suddenly malfunctioning for five or ten minutes;  all can manufacture those giddy bubbles of excitement that can blur the land beyond as effectively as grief.

     And here is where I advise patience, refraining from beating yourself up for lack of progress, keeping both feet on the ground as your heard swirls in the clouds and laughing at the crazy circus of it all.  Yes, spirit contact, in any of the packages it presents itself, is a thrill beyond the unconscious boundaries of self-limitation, but it is not an end in itself.  It takes you to another stage in the unfoldment, a stage once absorbed and digested, can lead, bite by bite, to the full meal of past and future lives, the energy planes beyond the heavens and paradises where most of the ‘dead’ live and have their being, the distinct possibility of extraterrestrial contact, not to mention the fuller abilities of navigating the astral and mental bodies through the landscapes of eternity.

     Easy going patience, in that realm of that detached observer, is as beneficial to the unfolding of the inner journey as any daily practice.  Spying on the subtle shifts of mood and thought as the moments unwind can often reveal the energy processors in action that we are.  As we unlock, one by one, the many doors that seem to be keeping us from multidimensionality, groaning as we see another just down the way, let us not forget the bemusement and chuckles that our stumbling about can produce.  Enjoy the clown as she switches the masks from happy to sad and back again.  She’s not the star of the circus but she often likes to think she is.