Why, first of all, the ‘god consciousness’?  Well, for this seeker, god is not a being, an entity, but an area of consciousness which can be feared or admired from a distance, or, once the necessary preparations have been made, merged with.  A radical notion for materialists and religionists, but not for those mystically or shamanistically inclined.

It seems to me that there are three positions one can take: (1)  The god concept is an illusion, a compensatory fantasy arising out of fear of death, (2) God is a cosmic reality, a universe creator of such overwhelming abilities that we, as sentient but insignificant beings, can only safely observe from afar in something like submissive awe, and (3) God is an infinitely and incessantly creative consciousness which can be approached and joined, should one be willing to surrender one’s illusion of separation and limitation.

As is often the case, meditation is the key.  Once one has a basic handle on the meditative process, one can direct one’s meditation is any direction.  Achieving peace of mind amidst the clangor and clutter of daily life is but a beginning.  Once the consciousness has been trained into focus, it can be aimed in many directions.  One is out of the physical body and into the neighbourhood; another is roaming the neighbourhood seeking those in need of assistance, the sudden and shocked dead being the main category; another is exploring the realms of spirit, where many sentient beings, some human and some otherwise, live out their dreams, fears and desires.  Not only many years but many lifetimes can be spent thusly, such is the volume of discoveries to be made.

The dwellers of the hells, purgatories, paradises and heavens are of every ethnic and religious stripe, and the belief systems which dictate their behaviours are as varied as one could imagine, a small universe of attitudes, prejudices and judgements, all of which limit their potentials, which as an enlightened explorer, one can see are as infinite as the multiverse itself.  As one uncovers more and more of the spark of divinity in oneself one sees it in others however well they deny or cover it up.  One knows, eventually, that all are hiding their light under a bushel basket.

That light, miniscule as it may be, is the same divine light which not only illuminates the ground of all being that is the god consciousness but is its very fabric, a light unbounded and unbidden, a light untrammeled by shadow or contained by boundary. a light which lives unendingly in bliss.  A light which cares not for your departure or reentry, for the unmanifest cannot be added to or subtracted from.

To merge with that light of consciousness is to know that nothing matters, not really.  All joy and suffering, all creation and destruction, all ambition, terror and desire, are but adventures in illusion, training grounds for future minor deities who will hire themselves out to other planetary systems in need of supervisory personnel.

And however grand such a prospect may seem,  never forget that planetary systems rise and fall like cultures and civilizations, eventually fading into files in the Universal Mind, that same mind we all partake in when we think we know or don’t know.  Ignorance and knowledge are two sides of the same coin, as are creation and nothingness, and all can be experienced, in varying degrees of intensity, whilst immersed in the god consciousness, whether fully out of body or partially in meditation.

Try it sometime, it’s not nearly as out of reach as the dictates of religion or your own precious limitations may suggest.