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Here in the Toronto area we are currently undergoing the media frenzy around TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival.  Every day you can hear interviews, reviews and comments on the state of film and society, most of them engaging.

A couple of days ago I came in on the middle of an interview and a female voice was saying how she just had to defend her country, and that no other option was available to her.  If I’m not mistaken it was a section of a documentary on Syria by a Canadian director, the name of which now escapes me.  But it was the sentiment and the power with which it was expressed which caught me.

This was a soul determined to sacrifice whatever personal goals had matured within her for the passionate commitment to her soil and forefathers.  While to many of us in the ‘free west’ such single minded determination may seem short sighted and foolish, we are products of many past lives, some of which were diverted by tribal and nationalist causes.  We, it would seem, have internalized the lessons of the ‘patriot’s game’.

Souls caught up in civil wars incarnated with that possibility front and center in their agenda, along with whatever personal and family karma they wished to pursue.  Of course, they may not recall much of that ‘now’, not any more than you or I in the course of our daily tasks and games.  But while we worry over the actions of our governments in these seemingly intractable problems, where every idealistic assertion is shrouded in self-serving propaganda and worse, lies, let us recall that we, as souls slightly lower on the spiral of evolutionary tendencies, once felt such passions deeply.  I know “I” did.

There’s at least one ‘freedom fighter’ in my soul history, and his energetic presence is often perceptible to the current projection known as Gordon.  Although he lived in the 13th century and participated in an ongoing guerrilla war against a mighty oppressor, his attitudes, habits and moral fervour are a regular part of my ‘make-up’.  Of course, other ‘past lives’ have their resonance within ‘me’, but this fellow is prominent ‘now’.  I feel his passion and determination and transmute it from the temptations of anger, outrage and righteousness into something more civil and courtly like, intellectual polemic, cafe-centered debate and carefree jokeyness.  The effort sometimes lapses, of course, and the surly, self-righteous grouch gets to have his way for a moment or two.  Or three.

Did that soul reach his pinnacle of fulfillment?  Yes, I believe he did,  although the struggle to rid Scotland of its oppressors continued into the next phase of uniting the religions and tribes into what became, eventually, Great Britain.  That success, of course, slid inexorably into the British Empire, powered, as some of you may know, by reincarnating Roman souls who wished to ‘get it right this time’, and then by returning Greeks, who thought ‘let’s add some decent culture and democratic principles to this giant multinational mercantile enterprise’.  Needless to say, those souls in my ‘soul family’ who actively participated in this centuries’ long process also have their energetic influence upon the me’ who deliberates upon and writes this.

But it’s the freedom fighter, excoriating his men for laxity and gobbling down his much needed meals while he has the chance, who was roused by this Syrian woman declaring her passionate destiny.  All these souls play their part in our current efforts and game playing, and while the more detailed spider web of interconnections will be explored in my third afterlife book “You Are History”, I trust such short excursions as this will help to point the way in the meantime.